cheap "anytime"

  [DELETED] 17:47 10 Sep 2003

Can anyone suggest (definatly NOT Freeserve or AOhell) an ISP, who is fairly cheap, mostly for during the day (i am disabled, so need it mostly in the daytime). With a reasonable monthly time limit (my ISP, giointernet has reduced its universal package to 50 hrs(some "anytime").Thanks Alan

  [DELETED] 17:55 10 Sep 2003

I have just recently been with Sniffout at click here Had been with them for 10 months.

£13.99 per month and there is no limit on time spent on the net.

Can be set up online and paid by direct debit.

Never had any trouble with them and always connected first time.

Only reason I left them is I am now on broadband with BT.


  Rocker 19:16 10 Sep 2003

onetel are good click here

  hssutton 19:28 10 Sep 2003


You may be better of staying where you are. I moved from Gioserve to Plusnet two months ago. What a major mistake. You may think Gioserve is bad, but plusnet takes the "biscuit" getting a connection with them is almost as difficult as winning the lottery. Mind you they have just come up with an instant cure, they are going to introduce a 1 hour cut off. This according to plusnet will alleviate the problem.


  [DELETED] 19:51 10 Sep 2003

I use @ £12.99 per month direct debit plus I think first 3 months free, I've never had any problems but someone on here has. Try click here it might want refreshing to bring it up to date. TR

  wee eddie 19:54 10 Sep 2003

I'm with BT Openworld

£16.00 a month for 150 hours.

I have very little trouble connecting although there is the the occasional glitch. There are times when you get bumped off after 2 hours but not that often.

  dagbladet 20:14 10 Sep 2003

Whats the problem with AOL ? I've been through at least half a dozen of the 'small is beautiful' lot, some are so-so, some are [email protected] and some just disappear overnight. Took the plunge with AOL "stone him", on my computer bought from PC World "you're only making it worse for yourself", great service.

  [DELETED] 22:45 10 Sep 2003


Try Daytime package 8am to 6pm.
£4.99 a month they give a great service. + you can upgrade to another package at any time.

They also have an offer at the moment for tiscali secure mail at £4.99 a year with anti spam filter and anti virus filter.

  spuds 22:46 10 Sep 2003

Have a look at Tiscali.They are running some special offers at present.

  [DELETED] 22:53 10 Sep 2003

I think restrictions are to become more and more universal ..And the Isp's are much the same once they have your money..So you may be better off where you are for now ..

  [DELETED] 08:15 11 Sep 2003

By reading the posts (thanks everyone) perhaps i should stay with it (giointernet) for the time being, while i look into others (i have got Tiscali PAYG for emergencyies, what i am using now!)(slower connection with tiscali, 40.0kbps).

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