chdsk interrupted

  square eyes 21:42 04 Feb 2010


Ive had pleanty of experience reinstalling/repairing xp and it usually solves big problems.

My mother lives some 250 miles away and she called me this evening in a panic saying her computer wont start. What i understand from what she told me...When she started it, it ran chdsk. She had no idea what this was and when she saw the word "delete" scrolling down the screen, she thought it was erasing her HDD and switched it off.... sigh.

Over the phone, ive tried her to get advanced options up by pressing F8 and also the bios by pressing del. I wanted to know this incase i have to drive up there with a recovery cd. However, nothing showed up except for a blank screen when she powers it on. The only visual she is getting is from the monitor like "power save" or "LG".

So im quite concerned now that this HDD is dead and not recoverable. No backup uunfortunately and lots of important data hanging in the balance.
I told her she should not have swtiched it off and also that i was 95% sure her documents are safe, but im having my own worries now due to no Mobo logo or anything showing on screen after boot.

Its a Packard Bell and its about 6 years old.

Whats your first thought on this problem?

Many Thanks

  square eyes 22:37 04 Feb 2010

I dont mind replying to my own thread :)

Aparrently after disconnecting the power lead for an hour, it been plugged back in and now there is a display and chdsk is running. Just letting you know, im hoping i will get a call soon to hear desktop is back and everything fine.....Ill post back

  northumbria61 22:44 04 Feb 2010

Good to hear things may be okay again. I was about to tell you to do just that - disconnecting the power lead and pressing the power button for a few seconds drains the power out of the system and under normal circumstances WILL reset your PC.

  square eyes 22:50 04 Feb 2010

Just got the phone call to say everythings fine. It was indeed the act of unplugging like you say.
I dont think it was display as the HDD light wasnt active. So i can only speculate why that happened. I hate it when you cant actually be there, i couldnt be a tech support on a phone, would drive me mad! :)


  birdface 09:35 05 Feb 2010

I believe that you can actually control her computer from your own home.
Whether the distance is to far for it to work I do not know.
But maybe someone can explain how you do it as I have not tried it myself.
It means any problems and you will be able to access her computer and fix them.

  birdface 09:39 05 Feb 2010

In All programs.Accessories. There is a program called Remote desktop connection.
Whether it is some thing to do with that I am not sure.

  square eyes 21:51 05 Feb 2010

I didnt get an email to say you'd posted. I think because i "resolved" the thread.

Thanks for reminding me. I too have never checked that function out which has been around a long time. So, yeah, i will check it out. If i was able to update her XP, virus scan, defrag etc, that would be amazing. I know there must be many limitations to what you can do, but im sure it would be usefull in this situation. Why dont you have a look into it too...its gotta be a nice trick to know.

Thanks again

  Sea Urchin 22:33 05 Feb 2010

Much easier to use TeamViewer for remote control

click here

  beeuuem 02:08 06 Feb 2010

I quite often use Remote Assistance in XP to sort out my sisters computer 150 miles away. Usually this is listed in 'All Programs' or is an option in 'Help and Support' opening pane.

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