Chassis cooling fan problem.

  ribo 16:43 16 May 2003

Hello, I have finished buiding my computer and all seems well except I have a problem concerning the cooling fan which I fitted. It is working ok. I connected it to the chassis fan connector on the MoBo.(There is a connector for chassis fan and one for power fan)
My MoBo is an Asus A7N8X and have a 2400 Athlon PCU. The fan is a Q-Tec8cm case fan.
In the Asus Probe utility the fan reads" Value 0 and the status reads"Chassis fan below threshold" The threshold is set at 600rpm,which seems to be the lowest.
I am not very clued up on all this and was wondering if anyone can come up with ay ideas.(If I had not downloaded the Asus probe Utility I would not be having this problem) Thanks. J

does your case fan have a tachometer? as long as it is spinning you probably neednt worry

  Sh00ter 16:51 16 May 2003

first up, try connecting it to the "power" header on the motherboard, while ur at it check that the fan has the sensor cable (usually yellow).
I had this on my old asus board, its not a problem though, it only bugged me because i run all my fans through a bus so was interested in the voltage to rpm ratios

  MartinT-B 16:55 16 May 2003

I have the same board.

Is Q fan monitoring enabled in the BIOS?

  hugh-265156 16:58 16 May 2003

try using click here is quite good

  MartinT-B 16:59 16 May 2003


longer explanation....

I have the same board. Recently changed my CPU Heatsink and Fan.

POST Speech reporter took to telling me "CPU Fan failed, Now booting from operating System"! which buuged the hellout of me as I knew it was working perfectly ( I have a window and lights in my case).

I disabled fan monitoring in the BIOS, booted into windows.

Restarted, re-enabled Fan monitoring and Voila! all was well.

  MartinT-B 17:14 16 May 2003

A7n8x Deluxe support forums:

AMD - Asus click here

nForcers (for nForce chipset) - Asus click here

You will need to register for both.

  ribo 17:23 16 May 2003

Thanks for all your help. I do not know if the fan has a tachometer.(2) It does not have a yellow wire only red,black and white. (3) when you say connect it to the power header,do you mean the connector? (4)MartinT-B can you please explain a bit more about what I have to do once I am in the BIOS. I am using XP Home edition.I do not know if Q fan monitoring is enabled. I left all the setting as they were except changed the boot sequence. Not vey conversant as you may have realized,but all help greatly appreciated. J

  MartinT-B 17:37 16 May 2003


read your manual - there will be a bit about fan monitoring.

Also - you may need to change your FSB - Asus are usually defaulted to 100 = 200FSB - that is also explained in the Manual.

Basically, as you boot up pres the del button which is next to the enter button bottom right of your keyboard. That will take you into BIOS - Sorry if you already know this, better safe than sorry :0

Once there you may need to tweak and/or check quite a few settings, although the AWARD BIOS defaults are pretty good.

If I remember correctly the fan monitoring etc is on the the next to last screen (last screen is exit). It will be obvious when you see it as it will look something like this:

Q Fan Monitor [disabled]

and there are only three things on that page of the BIOS.

As I don't have a manual here, and am unfortunately about to leave work I don't want to be more specific in case I get it wrong.

Do you know how to change stuff in the BIOS?

If not, post here and someone will explain more fully. Basically things are changed by using enter, and esc get you back out. Sounds hard but it isn't.

  ribo 10:03 17 May 2003

MartinT-B. Thanks for your help.
(1) With regard to the FSB,I have checked the manual and on page 21,it says that the default jumpers are set to 1-2 enableing support for FSB333\226.Am I ok to leave this?
(2) Whith regard to my fan problem, I got into the bios and the Q fan was disabled. I have enabled this, again,is this correct.
(3) I have been thinking about the Asus probeproblem. There are 3 fan connectors on the moboCPU/power/chassis(I assume we are not talking about the fan in the PSU-am I correct in this assumption)When I connect the case fan to the power connector- the probe says there is no value for that connection,but the chassis fan has a value. If I connect the case fan to the chassis connect,the reverse happens ie. The probe says there is no value for the chassis fan. As I have onlt 2 fans connected,(CPU and case) then is it not correct that one of the connections will have no value? I hope you will be able to follow
what I am trying to say. What is the power fan connector for anyway? Thank you. J

  ribo 18:40 17 May 2003


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