Charging NiMH batteries

  triceratops 22:54 07 May 2004

You’d think this would be easy…
I want a recharger for my NiMH batteries; preferably one with –ve delta V overload protection. As I understand it these have a timer built in so they switch off if the delta V thing doesn’t work; this is (I think) why they have a maximum charging capacity (e.g. AA up to 2100mAh).
Here is the problem:
1. These maximum values are often not quoted by retailers (even some manufacturers’ websites don’t bother)
2. I have 2300mAh AA batteries and 3000mAh D batteries – I can’t find any charger anywhere that will handle these.
I’ve visited dozens of websites to no avail. Can anyone help?

  hugh-265156 23:09 07 May 2004

have a look at uniross`s site click here there is a good range available.

you should be able to use the 2300 rated batteries in most of their chargers ok.

my charger came with 1800 rated batteries and charges them in around 8hrs.

2300 batteries just take a bit longer to charge in mine thats all.the charger cuts out when finished so there is no danger here.obviously do not leave the batteries in the charger all the time.

  hssutton 23:14 07 May 2004

Have you tried click here

click here

  hugh-265156 23:20 07 May 2004

uniross pdf.see charging times list(scroll down a bit) click here

mine cost a tenner with batteries included from argos.

  woodchip 23:34 07 May 2004

yes green light comes on the uniross that i have when it's charged it just cut's out

  iarno 23:43 07 May 2004

I agree with Huggyg71. I bought one of there chargers. it will do all types of rechargable batteries including C and D Ni-cd and Ni-mh with cut off. If the FE will allow me to say its the Universal 320, I got mine for around £15 and I'm happy with it.

  hssutton 23:55 07 May 2004

Further to the Ansmann and Maha links try this one for your 3000Ma D batteries click here

  georgemac 07:52 08 May 2004
  Stuartli 09:24 08 May 2004

I have an Ultra Fast battery charger which charges four NiMH AA batteries in around two hours depending on their capacity and NiCads in an hour. Once charged up it goes into trickle mode.

Well made and supplied with mains and car adapters, it cost me £11.75 from CPC in Preston.

However, I recently discovered that Jessops sells the same battery charger rebadged under its own name, with four rechargeable NiMH batteries, for £19.99. The Jessops catalogue number for it is JESBCKU.

One advantage of NiMH rechargeables not always appreciated is that, unlike NiCad, they don't suffer from "memory" and can be fully charged even from a partially used state.

  Rogerfredo 09:36 08 May 2004

I notice that my local B&Q warehouse had several different types of Uniross charger on display at the checkouts the other day. These were varied charge times and ranged from about £10 to £30 depending on speed.

  Gongoozler 09:43 08 May 2004

The Uniross Ultra Fast charger also works on a 12V car battery. It's less than half the normal shop price here click here

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