Charging my tomtom

  cardcard 01:50 24 Oct 2008

Hi! Does tomtom have to be turned on or off while charging, both in the car and in the home??
thanks in advancex

  eedcam 05:31 24 Oct 2008

Ileave mine off in the home but Idont charge it in the car so cant say but would thinkyou could leave it off

  VladimirB 05:52 24 Oct 2008

It doesn't matter. But with TT switched off charging goes faster.

  The Old Mod 07:38 24 Oct 2008

It can be charged switched on or off, I normally charge in the car, but have also charged in doors.

  ^wave^ 08:32 24 Oct 2008

mine is charged in the car if its in use its conected to the external supply dont want it running out of power at the end of a journey

  Halmer 08:38 24 Oct 2008

has started to lose its charge over a period of time if I leave it in the car, garage etc. I think it's just out of warranty though.

I note that you can buy a far better spec replacement battery with a longer charge life for about £10 which seems reasonable.

  audeal 11:37 24 Oct 2008

I have two Pocket PC's running Tom Tom and I have to keep them both charged up regularly at home if not in use otherwise they go flat and I have no power when I most need them.

I keep them both plugged in the cigarette lighter in the car when using them (not at the same time though).

  sunny staines 13:32 24 Oct 2008

later models have a poorer battery

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