Character Map in Windows 7

  tony-guitar 18:16 06 Jan 2012

My wife is Finnish, and uses the character map to find letters within their alphabet. Eg: ä is achieved by pressing Alt 132. During this question it only worked using the keypad, not the numbers across the top of keyboard. However, my wife's laptop runs win7 and has no keypad. Is there an easy way to add these characters please.

  Peter 19:15 06 Jan 2012


I'm not familiar with Windows 7, but on my MSI Netbook (Windows XP) there is an Fn + Function key combination needed to switch on the numeric keypad, which is embedded in the alpha keys.

You will usually find the numbers are in blue to the right of the capital letters on the alpha keys, i.e. on my netbook M has 0, J has 1, K 2, L has 3, U 4, I 5, O 6, 7 7, 8 8 and 9 9.

You will need to switch to Numeric Lock mode to use the embedded Numerics and trying to enter Alt 132 can be a bit hit and miss as well as frustrating.

Good Luck, Peter.

  Woolwell 20:00 06 Jan 2012

I may be missing something here why don't you open character map find the character that is required and copy and paste Character Map this avoids using the alt etc.

  lotvic 20:18 06 Jan 2012

Why not type/copy the characters wanted into a notepad text document and save it to a handy location (desktop on wife's laptop maybe), then she can just copy and paste each one as needed.

  tony-guitar 23:39 06 Jan 2012

Hi, thanks for your replies, your suggestions work within 'ms word', even the basic one that comes pre-installed with win7, but the problems start with emailing to her friends and family in Finland. Windows Live includes Hotmail which would have been ideal, i guess, but gave up with it as it kept refusing to accept the password, so she's signed up with G-Mail, but as yet haven't found a way of copying and pasting the character maps letters into it from 'word'.

  rdave13 00:09 07 Jan 2012

How about adding a Finnish keyboard so that you can practice in notepad where the appropriate keys are? If you have no "EN" showing in the notification area then you have only one keyboard available.

Go to control panel, and under, view by 'large icons', select 'Region and Language'- select the 'keyboard and language' tab, then the 'change keyboard' tab, in the window that opens select the 'add' tab under General and select 'Finnish' to expand and select 'keyboard'. Select OK. Select apply. In the window that shows both keyboards (English and Finnish) select the Language Bar tab and dot the radio button for 'Docked in the taskbar'.

Now you have 'EN' showing to the left of the notification area so left click and select the keyboard you wish to use.

  lotvic 00:53 07 Jan 2012

Don't know why it doesn't work for you, but as a test using gmail I've just emailed myself using ËËËÚõ?ü copied and pasted from Character Map.

Using gmail account via OutlookExpress (not webmail) No problem with either the send or receive.

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