character -count for on-line document?how

  end 23:36 24 Nov 2004

trying to fill in form on-line ; requires specific character limits for some of the boxes, ; cannot transfer form to my machine to deal with it and "saving " as I go; ??any programm in Win 98se or ?? that I can use to character-check count each section of the form; have been at this for about 30 minutes now, trying to shrink the "brief description" of my duties to ridiculous paramiters that are now making nonsense of my skills!!!

help folks please:::))))

each box, about the size of these postings boxes can have only 240 characters in it; giving me a bit o trubble now:)(NB character count and not word count)

  Pesala 00:19 25 Nov 2004


Copy these 240 characters to the clipboard, paste into Wordpad, and press the Insert key on your keyboard to go into typeover mode. Copy and paste into the form.

  Pesala 00:20 25 Nov 2004

Forgot about the formatting on this forum.

  end 00:25 25 Nov 2004

without wishing to be rude; are you having a laugh?

I"m not and have been at this for three hours now, and am about to give up for the nite in desperation:(

  end 00:42 25 Nov 2004

this is driving me absolutely nuts;
there is very little I can remove from the boxes, but the thing still says I am in excess of my character limit, and beginning to tell the machine that it is wrong

help guys......

I have to sort this by Thursday or am out of time.......

  wallbash 00:54 25 Nov 2004
  end 01:05 25 Nov 2004

I"ve put something into downloads but without the Japaneese thing which will take about 30 minutes to get on here; this is getting ridiculous;??does this work as part of IE spell which I have on here??

this is really -------me off

  wallbash 01:11 25 Nov 2004

can get it working in I.E. but not in firefox

  end 01:17 25 Nov 2004

have virtually word counted one section manually(!!!); there seems to be very little I can get into 240 characters to do my skills "justice"; do I just open the thing into IE ; are you talking about IE6 or IESpell???

I have both on here..

my sanity is in jeopardy here....

  wallbash 01:23 25 Nov 2004

I.E 6

  end 01:28 25 Nov 2004

have shoved something onto somewhere; have to shut sown and restart if it will ; am knackered and need my bed!!!

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