Chapters on MPEG2 (DVD) Disk

  DAVIDPM 10:35 16 Jul 2004

I Wonder if anyone could help me or advise details with regards the following problem.

A friend gave me a dvd-r disk complete with a full day wedding service of one of my friends.(about 2 hours long). Originally he recorded the service onto a normal vhs camera and he burned it onto a blank disc. The dvd works fine on my stand alone dvd but there is no chapters on the disk i.e when you insert the dvd the dvd starts and cannot go forward or back to previous chapters and there is no menu screen.

Please can anyone advise what is the best way to go about this so i can add chapters and menu screen. Software name, is it possible ?

Any help and i would be most grateful.

Kind Regards,


  SEASHANTY 10:46 16 Jul 2004

If its a DVD-R it will have been finalised and once that is done the DVD cannot be altered. You can
select chapters before the disc is finalised but this is extremely time consuming which is why nobody bothers. When I finalise a DVD-R on my standalone
Panasonic DVD recorder it inserts chapters at approx
every six minutes of play time but it doesn't list them anywhere. You can progress thru the disc either
forwards or backwards using the "skip" option. i.e. the button which normally allows you to skip to the next chapter. You should be able to do this in a domestic DVD player if the disc was finalised on a standalone player going either forwards or reverse
in approx six minute periods.

  DAVIDPM 12:27 16 Jul 2004


From the final dvd disk can i edit this on my pc and install chapters along with a menu, if so what software does this.

Thanks again.


  DAVIDPM 12:28 16 Jul 2004


From the final dvd disk can i edit this on my pc and install chapters along with a menu, if so what software does this.

Thanks again.


  SirGalahad2004 12:40 16 Jul 2004

try the trial version of click here

  stlucia 12:43 16 Jul 2004

There may be some software out there that can 'rip' your DVD back to its component video files (others should be able to advise). Then you could use Roxio, Nero, MyDVD, or similar up-to-date burning software to create and burn a new DVD with whatever chapters you want inserted in it.

Alternatively, the best way to do it is to download the original VHS onto your PC using an appropriate video capture card, and then edit and burn it using video software such as Pinnacle or Ulead or burning software such as Roxio or Nero.

  cga 13:18 16 Jul 2004

Ulead Visual Studio is good at chapter creation and you should be able to use your existing DVD as input. You needs lots of disk space though.
You can download a 30 day trial version.

  stlucia 13:26 16 Jul 2004

... and if you like it Amazon are doing it for about £33 at the moment (version 8.0).

  DAVIDPM 20:04 16 Jul 2004

Thanks very much for your help.

Sorry for being a pest, but I have downloaded the trial version of ulead video studio and installed it. for a test I inserted a dvd disk containing shrek and started to copy one chapter from the disk. Once this had been done I previewed the clip but there was no sound.

I tried to preview any chapter on the dvd and there is no sound !
Am I right in thinking you cannot edit a clip from a dvd along with sound using this software ?

Your help is appreciated.


  TOMMO01 20:42 16 Jul 2004

As you have the DVD the format, although MPEG2, has been written to disk as a VOB file. VOB files are not as managable as MPEG2. Not many programs except them. Some appear to but then, as you have found out, they contain no audio.

The best way to do it is obtain a program called DVD Decryptor, and use the STREAM setting to output the video to M2V and sepperate audio.

Then using an authoring program of your choice you can reassemble your dvd with menus and chapters.

  cga 20:53 16 Jul 2004

I cannot check at the moment but I am pretty sure that ULEAD Visual Studio can read from a VOB file (it certainly can from a MPEG2). I would guess you may have to fiddle around with the configuration. The only thing that concerns me is that you mentioned a DVD containing Shrek. All commercial DVD have copy protection and this may also be the cause of your problem. You would need some very underground software to copy a commercial DVD successfully - as this is illegal.

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