Changing/editing windows start-up page

  rickd 14:15 03 Oct 2005

Is there a simple way to add text to the windows XP start-up page, i.e the one with the user picture that says to begin, click user name (and then you enter a password).

I wanted to put a message on it to give an owner contact phone number and offer of a reward (no questions asked) so that if my laptop goes "missing", someone might fire it up and there's a chance I might get it back. I'm surprised microsoft hasn't thought of this, but I can't find an obvious way. I could change the user picture for one of my own with text on it, but it'd be very small, unless someone knows of a way of making it bigger.
Obviously doing anything after this page would be pointless, as a finder would have to know the password. Alternatively, can I install some piece of software that'd come up on booting and do the job?
I could just stick a label on the laptop lid I suppose!

  pj123 17:43 03 Oct 2005

Well I did post a response to this thread earlier today, but because the site is not responding very well today it didn’t get posted.

I will try again.

Anyone who buys anything that “fell off the back of a lorry” isn’t going to care where it came from as long as the price is right and it works.

Passwords are easily overcome. Labels can be removed.

You could try a hot soldering iron and burn your name and address into the case somewhere, but you may have difficulty selling it legitimately if and when that situation occurs. (I did it once on a VCR but I found I couldn’t sell it when I wanted to)

The best bet is to back up everything on it on a regular basis and get it insured on a “New for Old” basis.

I think you would have to offer a very substantial reward to persuade someone to give it back to you.

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