Changing Word defaults

  RogerB 15:46 29 May 2005

Although I use Word 97, I still prefer to keep my files under the old Directory system, and I never use My Documents or My Pictures. But whenever I try to Open or Save to a file, the box always defaults to My Documents/Pictures, and I have to make a series of clicks to navigate to the subdirectory I want. How can I change the defaults so the the box comes up as C:\MSOffice\Winword\ ? And is it possible to make it C:\MsOffice\Excel when I am using Excel, or is that expecting too much?

I'm using Windows 98, if that makes a difference.

  Number 7 16:03 29 May 2005

In Word or Excel have a look in Tools> Options on the Menu Bar.

There's an option there to have them always save files to a directory you specify.

  Taff36 16:18 29 May 2005

Number 7 is right. I think in Word 97 it is on the File Locations tab. In Excel hunt around for the "default file Location" (In recent versions it is on the general tab.) Both have either modify and browse or simple browse to features.

  RogerB 20:38 01 Jun 2005

Many thanks to both of you - I think I've cracked it, although the process is not exactly very clearly described!

  Peter 23:20 01 Jun 2005


In Word 97 go to the Tools pull-down menu and select "Options". Select the "File Locations" tab and the "File Types - Document, Location - C:\My Documents\Word" should be highlighted. Click on the Modify button and change the location folder as required.

In Excel go to the Tools pull-down menu and select "Options". On the "General" tab alter the "Default File Location" as required.


  Taff36 12:50 02 Jun 2005

I was working from memory and your answer is spot on for Office XP. I think it was the same for Office 97 but he`s sorted it anyway.

  RogerB 18:26 02 Jun 2005

Thanks, Peter
I'm away for the weekend, but I'll check through your directions next week. They seem clear enough! Thanks for digging me out of a hole. I think I've cracked it anyway, but it's useful to have another opinion.


  Peter 00:25 03 Jun 2005


As the doors would say in HHGTTG "Glad to be of service".


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