Changing to wireless internet

  Gizmocat 11:07 29 Mar 2009

I currently have a desktop PC with Orange Broadband non wireless. The PC is not wireless enabled.

We are about to get a laptop which I understand will be wireless enabled.

I was sent a Livebox a couple of months ago but have not plucked up the courage to try and install it - but now the laptop means I will have to bit the bullet.

My question is - do I need to install the Livebox to my desktop first - and if my desktop is not wireless enabled how do I go about this? How will we get the internet connection then sorted on the laptop?

  Taff™ 11:50 29 Mar 2009

Basically you need to follow the instructions supplied with the Livebox. If your PC is close to the telephone socket just set the LiveBox up there and connect to it using an RJ45 Ethernet cable supplied in the box - no need to make this a wireless connection. You can then connect to the Livebox Router Management pages through this cable to change the passwords (Necessary) and the SSID (Router Name) if you wish.

On the bottom of the Livebox will be an encryption key for the wireless. It will probably be WPA-PSK and consist of letters and numbers. Write this down and you will need to enter this in the laptop when it arrives.

  Gizmocat 13:36 29 Mar 2009

Thank you.

I've looked on the bottom of the Livebox and there are four separate numbers. None of them are called encryption code, theres s/n(serial number?), 'bulk' and 'security code'. The latter has 6 blocks of code mixed letters and numbers. Is that the encryption one?

Re the cable - in the box there is red cable with phone socket connectors either end(this is called a network cable on the pictures)- is that the RJ45?

  tullie 16:44 29 Mar 2009

Im surprised that no instructions came with it,there usually is.

  Taff™ 23:24 29 Mar 2009

The security code is probably the one but usually 5 blocks of 2. I suggest the red cable connectors are too big for a telephone socket - to be more precise too wide, which means it is the RJ45 Ethernet cable - just try it in the Livebox ports. If it don`t fit don`t force it!

I`ll try and find the Livebox instructions tomorrow - remind me tullie!

  laurie53 07:15 30 Mar 2009

I'm also surprised you did not get a wireless adapter for your PC with the Livebox.

Incidentally, my Livebox uses WEP, five blocks of alpha-numeric.

The WEP is also on the box, and the installation CD.

  Taff™ 08:37 30 Mar 2009

Video help click here (Missing several key points like how to put in the WEP key on the computer during Pairing and how to change the default password to the router but shows where everything is)

How to put in your personal log in details to connect to orange click here

FAQ`s click here

  Gizmocat 18:02 30 Mar 2009

Thanks everyone for all your help so far - however have hit another issue now.

Looked at the back of computer(which is 7 yrs old) and there is no empty socket into which the Ethernet cable fits - I am assuming this is due to age of computer.

What do I do now?

My daughter seems to think we can keep the current set up on the desktop and just install the Livebox in a different telephone socket/plug point for her laptop - is this possible?

  Gizmocat 18:12 30 Mar 2009

Sorry - have clicked on the links(brilliant by the way) and have found the answer re current PC not have ethernet socket.

Other question still stands though :-)

  Strawballs 21:51 30 Mar 2009

No you can't setup the livebox on a different phonepoint because your ISP will only asssign an IP address to the first one to connect, you need to setup the live livebox which will get the IP address from orange then it will then assign IP addresses and bandwidth to the 2 PC's.

You can fit a network card in the old PC (as long as there is a spare PCI socket click here

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