Changing Windows 8 to Windows 8.1?

  spuds 17:12 03 Aug 2014

This question may have been asked many times, so apologies.

Having purchased a Levono G700 recently, which was supposed to have been the latest 'updated' version W 8.1.

Using the laptop for the second time earlier, it would seem to still have the original W 8.0 on the system (no start button?). On starting the laptop which is already connected to the internet, it appeared to go through an 'update' and download mode, so I assume the update would have automatically upgraded the laptop, if it hadn't been done previously, plus any other update Microsoft had issued.

Am I thinking correctly or not, because I still don't think or see the Start button is there, the same Start Button that people have complained about in the past, for not being a part of the original Window 8.

Hope the above makes sense, and any help is very much appreciated and welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 03 Aug 2014

To boot to the desktop instead of Start

You can go to the desktop instead of the Start screen whenever you sign in to your PC.

Open Taskbar and Navigation properties by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Taskbar in the search box, and then tapping or clicking Taskbar and Navigation in the results.

Tap or click the Navigation tab, then tick the When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start checkbox.

Tap or click OK.

  rdave13 18:17 03 Aug 2014

If your laptop is already 8.1 it will boot to desktop by default.

On the desktop the "start" button is the green icon on the left. Left clicking it goes to the Start Window, right clicking it goes to a list of Windows' administrative tools which is quite handy.

On the desktop again, right clicking the taskbar, selecting properties, then the navigation bar gives you choices of what you'd like Windows to do. Hope that helps a bit.

  spuds 19:13 03 Aug 2014

Thanks guys for the response, but it appears that I did not make myself very clear.

The laptop was advertised and purchased with W8.1 installed. Yet I believe the laptop as W8 installed and not W8.1, hence the missing Start button (green icon). Its more like a screensaver, then page open to required password security box?.

When I checked the laptop out for the second time (since purchase) earlier today, it seemed to connect to the internet and downloaded some updates, and part of the updates would or should have been for the latest version of W8, apparently I am wrong?.

Time and reading or 'thinking power' permitting, with the aid of the two books I have,I might have further information to pass on. But its going to be a bit of a struggle at present, and for the next few days.

One possible problem that also seemed to occur today. I was able to link into Ebay using the screen motif for Ebay, then afterwards I was redirected to an email set-up page, which seemed rather weird. I cannot recall doing anything for this event to happen?.

This got me thinking that something was amiss with the set-up, yet all seemed to go smoothly on the initial first starting and testing of the laptop. In fact it seemed too easy compared to other Windows I have set-up?.

I'll tick this as resolved, but please add further if you recognise a problem on what I have mentioned already.

  rdave13 19:49 03 Aug 2014

I might be wrong but the page you say that is like a screensaver could be the "Lock" screen. If you've made no changes then this screen will show if the laptop is woken from sleep or on a boot-up. One mouse click and you should then go to the login screen. Once logged in, by default in Win 8.1, you should land on the desktop. Only on the desktop will you see the Windows logo start tab on bottom left.

  rdave13 19:53 03 Aug 2014

Woolwell , I forgot that I've played about with some settings. Sorry spuds but I vaguely recall that what Woolwell says is that how it was in default. Still the same icon (Tile) though.

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