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  grumpy-git 19:01 19 Jan 2005

Sometime soon I will have to start using new web page software, as Claris Homepage crashes under Windows XP. Any suggestions as to what can take over an existing site.

Have tried Net Objects on a small site, and realise that the way it works is very different from Claris. My existing site consists of thousands of pages and images & I don't want to even think about re-writing it all, hence the need to be able to carry on with the site as it is now.


  Pesala 19:43 19 Jan 2005

Have you tried importing the website into Net Objects Fusion? If it contains frames, forget it. Otherwise, it might save you a lot of work. One way or another, you will need to recreate the site in a your new program to have any hope of maintaining it.

With so many pages it might take a while to import, so experiment with a branch of about twenty pages to see if it gives a satisfactory result.

  grumpy-git 20:22 19 Jan 2005

Thanks Pesala,

Have not tried what you suggested, as I did not think it would work, but I might try it.

Staying on the subject of Net Objects, in a topic a month or so ago, I mentioned how difficult I found the uploading using that software. It "should" upload all new or modified pages, but never seemed to work properly, that was one reason for staying with "simple" software and uploading using ws_ftp pro.


  Taran 21:27 19 Jan 2005

Publishing issues with NetObjects are relatively easy to overcome.

Publish your NetObjects site locally, to a folder on your hard drive. Ask for instructions if you need them on how to do this. Once you have published your site locally you can FTP it to your web server. Job done.

Web authoring programs sometimes trip up over publishing sites. I've seen or heard of it with most of the big name software over the years, although I've only personally experienced it once. Publishing locally then using FTP cured that issue though.

  grumpy-git 00:21 20 Jan 2005

Don't think this is going to work, my site doesn't have frames, but from the look of it, Net Objects only works with frames? Can't get rid of the left hand side of the screen, which my "simple" site does not use.


  grumpy-git 16:27 20 Jan 2005

Tried importing part of the site as a test, & it seems to have worked successfully.

Also managed to get rid of the left hand border where the navigation buttons normally go. All my imported pages seem to start 2 lines down from the top of a page, if it was a small site it would be easy to fix, but I have checked the whole site and with 640 folders, over 20,000 files & over 12,000 images I think there would be quite a lot of tinkering to do!!

The text also comes out in a different size/style, and that causes a few problems with overflowing onto a second line (which it doesn't do on the original Claris built site.

At least I know it is possible to continue with the site if, for whatever reason, it becomes impossible to carry on using the Claris software.

I would have to experiment with publishing locally, that was how I got round previous problems with a Net Object built site, but without using the Net Objects navigation buttons it might be much easier to upload.


  Forum Editor 19:13 20 Jan 2005

No, that's not the case. I use the software quite often, and would never, ever, design a site using frames. NOF works very well with tables - it's a superb product, and once you get the feel of it you'll undoubtedly prefer it to Claris Homepage.

Provided you use style sheets you'll find it easy to sort out the text problems - you can apply changes to a site with ten pages or ten thousand pages, it doesn't make any difference. That's the whole idea of CSS.

As for uploading - it's rare for NOF to falter. As I said, I've designed many sites using it, and I can't say that I've ever had upload problems. With a site this size you might want to try running a web server on your computer - then you can experiment 'till the cows come home without risking anything on the remote server. It's very easy to set up a personal web server, and if you want to try, one of us can take you through it.

  grumpy-git 12:23 22 Jan 2005

This morning I imported the whole of the site onto the newer pc. Before doing that I set up a style to give me the normal background colour I use on all my pages, as during the previous experiment all the pages defaulted to a plain white background.

The import took about 20 minutes, the "converting html" process looks like it will take slightly longer - after about another 40 minutes it has only reached the 7% mark, so a few more hours yet.

The original site has been retained on the old pc, so if this does not work I have only wasted a few hours of time.

If I run into problems I will post them under a suitable topic, and thanks to Pesala for suggesting I try importing into NOF. I never thought that was an option.


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