Changing wallpaper daily

  Shedmanstoned 09:37 03 Apr 2007

I'm not new to computers, but I get bored with the same desktop background everyday. I'm sure there's some software out there which allows you to have different wall paper every day. Or is there a way of doing on XP anyway? Any suggestions?

  Kate B 09:58 03 Apr 2007

Why don't you just do it manually? That kind of program is just what I call clogware: doesn't do anything you can't do manually very quickly and just clogs up your PC.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:59 03 Apr 2007

Right click on desktop then properties then desktop. All desktop pics are in a drop down. You can add your own digital images to Windows/web/wallpaper and they will appear on the list also.

  Ank45 12:22 03 Apr 2007

As per my information, it is better to change the wallpapers manually instead of depending on any software.

  brundle 18:33 03 Apr 2007
  BT 08:31 04 Apr 2007

I don't spend much time looking at my wallpaper, I'm usually using some sort of software when I'm using the computer.

  Shedmanstoned 11:17 04 Apr 2007

Fair comment BT but my computer takes ages to start up! Any help on that??

  Shedmanstoned 11:19 04 Apr 2007

Thanks brundle just what I was looking for

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