changing type face

  CAZAN 10:30 18 Jan 2003
  CAZAN 10:30 18 Jan 2003

Ineed to change my type face setting to new roman how do I DO THIS?

  VoG™ 10:31 18 Jan 2003

In what program?

  VoG™ 00:29 19 Jan 2003

Via e-mail: the program is a downloaded softwear but the license code to enter has to be in new roman.


But what is the program or is it a secret?

  jazzypop 00:35 19 Jan 2003

I find it extraordinary that a license code box can or does insist on a particular typeface.

The simplest workaround I can suggest is to type the license code into a word processor, change the font to 'new roman' (although there are many, many variations on that!), and cut and paste it into the box.

  CAZAN 22:15 22 Jan 2003

how do i change type from arial to times new romam [true type] in windows98se?

  jazzypop 22:31 22 Jan 2003

Can you give the name of the downloaded file, and the location that you downloaded it from?

  BRYNIT 00:34 23 Jan 2003

open wordpad you will see the fonts at the top, change to times new roman and follow jazzypop advice.

  jazzypop 16:43 23 Jan 2003

Received by email....

"HI JAZZYPOP the name of the program is "DR *3DFLYINGSAVER DLU" and it was bought online from 5 star network there E-MAIL address is longgame [[email protected]]"

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

I downloaded the trial version from click here (I presume this is the same screensaver as yours), and installed the screensaver by double-clicking the 'setup_3dflying saver.exe' file.

This installed very quickly, and then led me to the standard Windows screensaver configuration screen. I selected Preview, and was able to see the screensaver in action.

As prompted, I pressed F2 to enable me to register, and following the instructions entered


into both the boxes (Regname and Regcode). This was immediately accepted. At no time was I asked to change the typeface of any font.

If you have done the same as above, exactly what message appears telling you about the need to change the typeface?

Try going to Control Panel > Display > Screensaver, select the 3dflyingsaver screensaver, and click on Preview. Then press the F2 key, select Register, and enter test into both boxes.

If this works OK, repeat the final steps, but enter the username and password that you have been provided with by Longgame when you bought it.

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