Changing from Talk Talk to PlusNet

  prince midas 11:04 29 Oct 2012

In the next few weeks I shall be changing to PlusNet From Talk Talk. I am using a dual Nand Netgear Router. Do I have to do anything to make it work when i switch.

  TonyV 11:25 29 Oct 2012

prince midas

You will probably find that PlusNet will supply you with a new router. Their set-up will be explained via the paperwork that will come with it. I had a new/updated one from them a few months ago and the set-up was very easy and quick.


  iscanut 11:28 29 Oct 2012

If no router supplied, you will need to change the login details and password that Plus Net will provide. If you are using a TalkTalk email address, you will also need to change to that of PlusNet in your email client unless you use Hotmail, GoogleMail or another web based mail client.

  bobpullen 17:15 29 Oct 2012

Hi there,

As others have alluded to, there are two options available to you.

The first would be to use the router we provide. This auto-populates itself with your connection username/password when you first plug it in meaning you don't really have to do anything (assuming the service has been migrated to us).

If you haven't chosen to take a router from us then you can continue to use your Netgear.

Once the service is migrated you'd just need to log into the router interface (likely to be achieved by entering in to a web browser's address bar) and change the connection username/password.

The username will be in the format, where is the username you use to log into our website. The passwortd will be the same one you use to log into our website.

Hope that helps (and welcome aboard).

Best regards,

**Bob Pullen Plusnet Digital Care**

  bobpullen 17:17 29 Oct 2012

I'll try that again as the forum stripped the chevrons from my post ...

The username will be in the format 'username', where 'username' is the username you use to log into our website. The password will be the same one you use to log into our website.



  Ian in Northampton 17:52 29 Oct 2012

You won't regret going to PlusNet. I've been a very satisfied customer of theirs for many years. Their technical support is outstanding - knowledgeable and responsive. And UK-based!

  prince midas 15:08 01 Nov 2012

Thanks Guys For all your help.

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