Changing store folder in outlook

  SteevScotland 16:02 06 Nov 2003

Is there any way to change the store folder in outlook Xp so that it uses the same folder as Outlook express on a different Harddrive?

Cheers S

  madPentium 17:09 06 Nov 2003


Close outlook and go to documents and settings\username\local settings\microsoft\outlook and cut the two files in there. Now paste them on the other drive where you want them.
Open outlook and it will scream at you saying the pst file is missing. Point it to where you pasted it. It will scream again saying something about folders, say NO and outlook will bomb out.
Start outlook up again and all should be fine.
Copy the two files mentioned above (copy not cut) and put them where you want them.
Open outlook as normal and select file/data management. Tell it here where your files are. now close outlook and remove the original two files.

  SteevScotland 18:15 06 Nov 2003

I cant find local settings under my user name. Is there anywhere else I could look?

Cheers S

  wiznyme 19:11 06 Nov 2003

In Outlook go to tools, options and go to mail setup.

Click on data files and it will show you were they are currently stored

  SteevScotland 20:01 06 Nov 2003

OK got outlook and outlook ecpress to look in the same folder but the mail is stored in different formats(I think). One cant see the mail for the other application. What I want Is both applications to have my mail when I open them.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 01:42 03 Dec 2003


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