Changing Spanish Windows XP Home to English

  kaiser12 11:59 15 Nov 2003

I am buying a new PC in Spain which will have windows XP Home preinstalled in the Spanish language. I want to change this to English. How?

  Salinger 12:18 15 Nov 2003

You'll have to buy an English version.

  Quiller. 12:19 15 Nov 2003

I would think that you MAY be able to do it from control panel, regional and language options.

Use the drop down box, customise, to change it to the U.K. I do not know if you should change the location box, this may be better kept as spain.

Also in the languages tab,details, make sure that is set for the U.K.

  john-232317 12:23 15 Nov 2003

Ask them to put an English version in instead of Spanish, or you will take your business elsewhere, most will oblige to get your custom.

  harristweed 12:50 15 Nov 2003

DieSse is a regular contributor to this forum. He is in Spain and sells computers, at I believe very competitive prices. Why not contact him?

  anchor 12:55 15 Nov 2003

Good idea to contact DieSse, he is based on the Costa Blanca.

Hopefully, he will see this thread and respond. If not, go back over some past threads, (as he often makes postings), and send a message to him by clicking on the yellow envelope next to his name.

  Salinger 12:32 16 Nov 2003

There just might be a workaround for this. I found a German language (for ME) in the Windows Update site, when I installed it I was able to change the Language I wanted to work in to German. It also changes Outlook Express to the chosen language.

click here

choose 'scan for updates' then look at all updates for your computer, there should be a multitude of Language options. If this is the same in XP you will be able to choose English on your Spanish OS and when you activate this all your menus and dialog boxes should be in English including OE. You should have the Spanish Retailer do this for you unless you have a command of Spanish.

Perhaps someone using using XP could have a look at the windows update page and advise if these Language options are available for XP???

  Salinger 12:57 16 Nov 2003

There is a drawback in using this method - NOT everything will be changed from Spanish so you will need at least some knowledge of the language you change from.

  DieSse 14:43 16 Nov 2003

English versions of XP are freely available from wholesalers here, or imported from the UK (I do both) - so you should be able to get a PC with and English XP on it with no problems. Likewise for Office, Works, etc.

Otherwise, although you can get parts of an OS to come up in English, you cannot "change" to English as the main language for the OS.

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