Changing soundcards: how?

  Buachail Mór 10:39 24 Jul 2003

I have a soundblaster live card in my pc at the moment and want to replace it with a Hercules Digifire 7.1 card. Can anyone give me a simple step by step procedure please, or point me to a guide on the net?

Many thanks in advance.

  The Transporter 11:11 24 Jul 2003

go into add/remove programs and uninstall the drivers for the soundcard. don't restart yet. Then right click on my computer and slect properties. Go to the device manager tab and go to the sound, video and game controllers line.
Click on the plus sign to exapnd it. right click the relevant lines to you soundcard and uninstall them from you system. Once this is then shutdown the pc.

Unplug the tower from the wall and Get an antistatic strap and connect it from your wrist to the metal casing of your tower.unscrew the screw that holds in your soundcard and then gently but firmly pull the card out from the pci slot on you motherboard. It may have a cable attached to it running from a cd drive. This is to provide cd audio playback if you play cds through you pc. unhook the cable and kep it ready to connect into the new sound card.

Now put the new sound card into the same slot you took the old soundcard from. If you have xp this should be fine. If using an older operating system it might be better to put it into another pci slot which has always been unused, this is to prevent irq conflicts.

When putting the new card in make sure you don't touch any of the gold contacts at the bootm of the card which will fit into the pci slot. Also make sure that it is fitted perfectly into the slot and you cant see the gold contacts once it is installed.

Then connect the audio cable back up to the sound card, (if necessary) and replace the retaining screw to keep the new pci soundcard in place. Put the case back on and connect the pc back up. Turn it on and go straight into the bios (keep pressing delete). Make sure that it is Plug and play aware (PnP = Yes) then save this and reboot. Now let the pc boot up and it should prompt you to install sound drivers.

Just place the cdrom in the drive that came with your sound card and then just follow the instructions.

Then reboot when it is doen.

Hope it helps.

hopefully this will involve a straight swap provided that the cards are for the same type of slot and if you have a plug and play bios and an operating system 98upwards. simply remove the old card and plug in the new one being careful not to touch the chips or the gold contacts on the card (wear an anti-static wrist band if you have one, failing that try to keep your arm in contact with the system chassis throughout the procedure) plug the speakers into the new card and fire up the system , when it starts a wizard should pop up to tell you that new hardware has been detected and to guide you through the process of installing the driver. older sound cards can be fussy about their irq number but you are unlikely to have this problem, but if you do try installing the card with no other expansion cards except VGA in the system so the sound card can take its pick of IRQs.
(try to put the card in a slot as far away from everything else as possible to avoid interference)dont forget to reconnect the cd-audio cable to the new card.

  Gongoozler 11:31 24 Jul 2003

This site looks like it could be useful for you. click here

  Buachail Mór 21:45 24 Jul 2003

Thanks for all of that and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you all. I was unexpectedly called out and am only just back.

I will be getting the card delivered one day soon and will give it a go - then hope that my 7.1 speakers turn up too.

The Transporter - I have copied your long work and put it into my folder of "how to...". Thanks for all of it - it seems really comprehensive.

horiz5 - hopefully no IRQ conflicts will arise: I have 98 / 2k / xp trible booting on the machine... here's hoping.

Gongoozler - good info there; "Smooth As Wet Gummy Bear..." it says- well, I will give my opinion on that soon!

Again my thanks to all.

I will tick as resolved when all done.

  Buachail Mór 08:01 16 Sep 2003

The card is in and it sounds good; I am now awaiting the speakers...

  Buachail Mór 22:08 16 Sep 2003

click here for details of the speakers.

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