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  louandel 22:12 16 Feb 2006

I have recently built my first website. Very basic and I want to do a second one which is a little more challenging. Usual thing is to upgrade to a bigger package with my isp provider (is that what its called?) However I am not happy with 1and1 for various reasons. Bad support; unstable web page; passwords that don't work (I wonder whether others have had this problem-I may have been unlucky). I therefore want to change ISP's but keep the domain where my current site is. Can I do this? If so, how?

  Forum Editor 23:06 16 Feb 2006

they are your web hosts. I know who your ISP is, but I can't divulge that without your consent - it's the company after the @ in your email address.

1&1 are a very large hosting company, and althought we have seen a few complaints about their customer service, we've also seen a lot of praise for the qality of their hosting packages. It's extremely rare for a login password not to work, and when that happens it is very often because of an input error; people mistakenly use upper case instead of lower case, or they leave a letter or number out - that kind of thing.

I'm not sure what you mean by "unstable web page" - can you elaborate on that?

Perhaps we can help with your 1&1 problems, and give you time to reconsider. You may not need to move hosts, or even to upgrade your hosting package. Why not post back with specific details, and we'll work through the problems with you?

  louandel 20:02 17 Feb 2006

Well, whenever I go into any page on my control panel a window comes up telling me there is secure stuff and insecure stuff, do i want to carry on. As much as I want security I think I only need to be asked once. It is very irritating and frustrating and time consuming.

Whenever I go into web stastics it will only allow me to go one page deep before another log in page comes up. I have tried umpteen times to find out how I deal with this from 1and1 and appart from the fact that it takes over a week for an answer (I have wasted a lot of money on the telephone) even there suggestions dont work.

I was sent Hello Engines!. When I installed it I was sent an e mail with the code for opening it. For the life of me i cannot get the code to work.

The actual control panel itself seems unstable. Often for no reason at all it willl throw me back to put my original password in. Then it takes me back to the main menu and I start again.

The only thing that works at the moment is headache tablets.

Your comments are appreciated



  louandel 12:23 18 Feb 2006

I tried opening 1and1 in another browser and now its perfect. So I dont know what this problem could have been. Any ideas? I feel i have to say apart from the odd complaint they do offer a good package but I do feel unless they get thier support sorted they may loose a lot of friends...

  Forum Editor 12:35 18 Feb 2006

are nothing whatsoever to do with 1&1 - they are shown to you by Internet Explorer as a security measure, and can happen on any website.

When you login to 1&1 in Internet Explorer you'll notice a small padlock symbol appearing in the bottom right of your window. There will also be 'https' in front of the site address in the address bar. These tell you that you are connected to a secure web server, and only you can see the page. Once you click on any link that takes you away from that page to a non-secure (public) page Internet Explorer tells you, by showing you that message. It means that you are no longer in a secure, private space.

Then if you decide to go back and see something that is private you'll have to login again. It's all done to protect your privacy, and although I know it can be irritating at times it's probably prefereable to viewing your account details in a public page, that could be seen by anyone.

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