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  Tomski_1991 08:33 27 Oct 2010

I currently have a Thomson TG585v7 router that was provided by Tiscali (now TalkTalk) when we signed with them two years ago.

Recently, a problem has occurred that has left me thinking that my router is on the blink. Every now and then, the "Internet" led goes off and I can no longer access the internet. It is normally a couple of hours before normal service is resumed.

However, I have a Netgear router (WPN824v2) that my Dad wants me to sell for him, but I may well buy it myself if it seems a decent replacement.

So my question is, am I able to install the Netgear router without needing to notify TalkTalk? (i.e. Can I just simply install it and be up and running, or do I need to I need to speak to TalkTalk about changing it?)

  onthelimit 09:01 27 Oct 2010

In a word, yes! I did the same thing for a friend who is with TT. Use the Tiscali set up CD if you have it which speeds the installation. If you don't have it, the manual set-up is not difficult.

  Tomski_1991 09:07 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for the reply!

Aaah right. So the installation CD isn't specific to the Thomson router they gave me?

  mgmcc 11:09 27 Oct 2010

The Netgear WPN824v2 appears to be a "Cable/DSL" router suitable for use with Virgin's Cable service. It doesn't incorporate an ADSL Modem for use with broadband via the phone line.

To use it with ADSL, you would need to use it in conjunction with an *ETHERNET* ADSL Modem.

  Tomski_1991 11:18 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for the reply!

Oh I see. That sounds right as my Dad is with Virgin Media.

Could you recommend a good replacement with an ADSL modem? (Preferably one that is friendly with a PS3 as well).

  mgmcc 13:02 27 Oct 2010

As I also use Virgin's Cable service, I don't have any personal experience of ADSL Modem/Routers. However, as brands go, my personal preference is for D-Link routers.

  onthelimit 13:20 27 Oct 2010

Thanks mgmcc - I didn't check the router was compatible.

  Tomski_1991 18:47 27 Oct 2010

Thanks for the help guys. I'll see how it copes over the next couple of weeks. Unless I can figure out how to put my current router into DMZ, I may get a replacement just so I can play PS3 games with less hassle.

  Tomski_1991 11:04 08 Nov 2010

Just a quick update - the router seems to have stopped cutting out since I changed the wireless channel. However, I still can't figure out how to DMZ my PS3 on it. I think I will still get a new router(unless anybody is able to help me?).

I am looking at the Netgear DG834G. Can anybody confirm that this is a suitable direct replacement to the Thomson TG585v7?


  mgmcc 11:03 09 Nov 2010

The DG834G is an ADSL Modem/Router and should work OK with TalkTalk's service.

However, if buying a new router now, you might like to consider one that supports 802.11n protocol (150Mbps or 300Mbps) rather than the 802.11g (54Mbps) of the DG834G. To benefit from 802.11n, a compatible 'n' adapter would also have to be installed in the computer(s).

  fubar1977 13:12 16 Nov 2010

I swapped a Tiscali supplied siemens router for a Netgear DGN1000 and other than putting in my username/password there was no problem at all, worked straightaway.
PS3 connected fine over wi-fi too, however the PS3 has been the source of wireless problems for me in the past.

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