Changing password on hotmail debacle

  laptopdunce 16:16 03 Aug 2014

I am trying to change a password on my hotmail account, it is a TERRIBLE rigmarole (compared to Gmail or yahoo!!) there seems to be no direct link from account settings on how to simply change the password, except going into this LUDICROUS code sending farce, I clicked it and now it wont send the text to my mobile when you put the last 4 digits of your mobile in it, I am not in the UK (where the email account is based) but this shouldnt matter, not I get this "block" when I try to log in with the old password saying that I have to put the last 4 digits of my registered mobile number in but still it wont send me the code to my mobile, I am beginning to DESPISE hotmail for this absurd rigmarole, but before I can delete MSN/hotmail and get rid of this CR&P I need to access this hotmail address so I can then close it down and take all my contacts to a "normal" email address. Has anyone else had this NIGHTMARE with hotmail?? and what is the solution? thanks Laptopdunce

  rdave13 19:06 03 Aug 2014
  rdave13 20:12 03 Aug 2014

laptopdunce , have you changed your mobile number, bought a new mobile and not carried on your number? How often do you log in to You can set the code to be sent to another preferred email other than Microsoft's own. These preferences are entirely up to you but you have to use the 'Cloud' based Outlook to do so. Text is a four digit code and email is a five digit code if I remember rightly.

It seems a great advantage if you use Windows Live Mail as a client as this verifies and logs in automatically if you've set it up to do so, for different Microsoft accounts as well as others.

  alanrwood 10:20 04 Aug 2014

I have to agree strongly with the original post. My sister in law tried to change the password in order to access a hotmail account she shared with her husband who had suffered a stroke and subsequent dementia. The process was totally unwieldy and difficult to follow for a relative novice and required her to know what his alternative email address was. She had no idea. As a result she had to wait a month before MS would allow a password change. Absolutely crazy.Security yes but this was OTT.

  laptopdunce 13:13 04 Aug 2014

Yes Alanrwood is totally right!! this ludicrous rigmarole of hotmail to simply change a password is idiotic, it really puts people off having anything to do with msn/microsoft!! I use my hotmail all the time and not being able to change the password is a real pain in the ar&e! the way they have made it so unwieldly and impossible is no recommendation to anyone to use MSN. I have now got access back into my hotmail account (with orginal password) but this idiotic and insanely complex method of changing a password is just IMPOSSIBLE! I will keep it as it is from now on and set up a different email address with gmail or yahoo and start using that until I can scrap all this MSN hotmail rubbish! Hotmail is supposed to be a "helpful" service but I have had no reply from my request to them and as Alanrwood says, if one has extenuating circumstances it is utterly impossible!! I have had the same prepay mobile phone number for over 7 years on the same old sony walkman phone, I take it all over the world! Personally I cant WAIT to get rid of this hotmail sh&t now! laptopdunce

  rdave13 20:08 04 Aug 2014

laptopdunce , I would do the same in your shoes. Try Gmail.

I've used Hotmail for years and when took over, still use it. Have had to use the codes a few times and even ignored them, as a reboot won't usually ask again. Sometimes Windows asks me to verify my account when I log on using same account details but on a different machine. I also ignore that now and reboot.

To save you apoplexy in the future ditch Windows altogether and go for an Apple machine. They're perfect, so I'm told.

Not sure if you have to pay for their email service though.

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