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  mco 14:36 31 Dec 2003

hi - I'm a novice website designer working from a Lycos starter package template (so no real technical knowlege) Please don't laugh if this is a stupid question. There's an edit facility to change the names of the pages on my site from the lycos default suggestions to whatever I want. BUT - they still say the same on the address bar and I can't work out how to change them there - what am I doing wrong or not doing?

  Forum Editor 17:06 31 Dec 2003

with the Lycos system, or with the software you're using, so I have one hand tied behind my back on this.

Page urls won't change in the browser which is what I think you mean) until the filenames are changed on the server. That means you have to change the name of the page files you upload to the Lycos website. It's the bit after the last forward slash that's important for this exercise.

For instance:

If one of your pages is called: h t t p// w w w. /lycos name/about me.html

(I've inserted spaces to stop our site code turning my example into a 'click here' link)

and you want to retitle it to: all the same as before/moreaboutme.html you must alter it in the software and then upload the changed page file to the server. Then you'll see the new address in the title bar of your browser.

Does that make any sense at all?

  Taran 17:14 31 Dec 2003

The address bar reflects the file name of the page, which is different to the page title.

For example, most sites have their first page file called index.htm or index.html but the page title could be "PC Advisor - Expert Advice you can trust" which is displayed in the top blue bar of your browser above the File, Edit, View menus.

Filenames and page titles may differ, but changing a filename is no small thing and I'd be careful if I were you. Most templates consist of several pre-prepared pages that you put some text and images into.

Say your template has the following three pages:

index.htm, hobbies.htm, pictures.htm

If you change the name of hobbies.htm to ineterests.htm, the hyperlink from your index.htm and pictures.htm pages will be pointing to a file that no longer exists because you changed it.

Some template editors allow you to alter the filename and they update the hyperlinks throughout your site to point to the renamed pages. Some temnplates may on be altered by changing the page title - the bit that displays in the top bar of your browser, and by adding your own text and pictures to the pages.

I'm not familiar with the Lycos templates, so I can't help you directly, but you should look to see if there is a button that you can use to save or apply your changes.

You could also try to email Lycos supprt or check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to see if this has been asked, and answered, before.

If you wait a day or two some of the other forum members will be back online and may have something useful to add. New Year is not the best time to get a high level of response, so try to be patient and you may get some help from someone who knows the Lycos templates.

Good luck with it and all the best for the New Year.


  Taran 17:16 31 Dec 2003

Two people typing at the same time again...


  mco 18:07 31 Dec 2003

thank you for your help - - I have about 6 pages on my site and whenever I make changes and then publish it, I'm given my chosen site name, eg click here .... but I never add anything in after the /...., and the whole website gets published ok, but with their original page names in my browser. Are you saying I should publish each page under click here......? Sorry for being so thick but - I was afraid if I put anything after the click here then it would alter the whole website to that title, not just the page I wanted... think I'd better email Lycos after all!

  mco 18:25 31 Dec 2003

sorry - that was meant to say:
rather than ' click here' - should have remembered. Apologies

  Taran 18:26 31 Dec 2003

It sounds as though you are naming the site and not the pages.

If you have a site, let's say it is called and you want to rename it, Lycos may allow you to call it but the pages it contains could well remain the same (index.htm, hobbies.htm, pictures.htm and so on).

I'm not sure whether you are asking how to name pages or your site.

Your template will have the necessary page names already applied, which is why when you publish the site you get the in your browser. That's the job of the template, to keep a series of linked pages together and you could probably publish that template to any web host in the world if you paid them and the site would always have those page names.

I would stay with what you are doing now. Don't try to name the pages; the template will take care of the page names. If you have the option to change the site address name and you want to do so, when you publish that template to the address or site name you choose, the pages will all be linked properly and work as they should.

Naming pages individually comes into the fray when you design sites yourself. You could have index.htm, myhobbies.htm, rocketscience.htm, quantum_mathematics.htm and so on if you really wanted to, and in the browser address bar those pages would be displayed as www. yoursiteaddress .co .uk /pagename.htm

I hope I haven't just made things more complicated for you, but if you still have questions post again.



  mco 19:16 31 Dec 2003

right! I think I'd better leave it as it is, though I'll maybe email Lycos after the holiday just to see. I'm working on a template of a business website, so, for example, page 2 comes up ready made in the browser as But if I've renamed my page 2 as, for instance as: My services, it just seems incongruous to see it in the browser as 'our products' when it's 'my services'! Know what I mean? Think I've had enough for one night!

  Forum Editor 01:22 01 Jan 2004

as being one of page tiles and page filenames.

It seems to me that you're changing your page titles, but the filenames are remaining. The template pages can be renamed at will - it won't affect the way the site works, as long as any hyperlinks are amended. A hyperlink looks for a page filename (/about_me.html)and if you rename the page you must alter the hyperlink, or it won't work. You must also alter the hyperlinking of any navigation buttons, or they will be trying to call a filename that doesn't exist any more.

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