Changing over to hot mail

  User-178362 21:59 15 Sep 2006

Continuing on from my other thread. I have gone into h/m but it will not send my messages. They are still sitting in the out box. When I click on send, another smaller box pops up saying checking for new messages. In the Task box it has 2 lines of info one with h/m and the other with ntl. Next to the h/m it has statues Executing. Email in the (From box) it has my old ntl address also in bracket pop.ntl. Does this mean I am trying to send from 2 addresses? Just changed it to h/m but I am still getting the same O/L Express box pop up with tasks etc. I hope you can follow me. Now I cannot open express, hoping I will be able to receive your messages.

  STREETWORK 22:08 15 Sep 2006

Hmmm...naughty, naughty....changing threads you will be found out and spanked...

You can have as many email addresses as you like and all configured to send/recieve from one connection (usually your default one). no worries with this. you can only send and recieve from one connection at a time.

  User-178362 22:09 15 Sep 2006

I am now getting this message come up and more than once sometimes there are three of them. Outlook Express could not be started because another instance of it is still running on your PC. Please log off from Windows and then restart O/L Express. If the problem persists save your work then restart your PC. Save your work what work do they mean my pictures because thats all I do? Calling it a night. Bye

  STREETWORK 22:14 15 Sep 2006


Click 'Ctrl' 'Alt' 'Delete' keys together and see if in Task Manager, under Processes tab you have more than one OE opened. If you have select it and hit 'end process' untill there is only one left. If OE still does not open click 'end process' on any OE's left. Close the Task Manager and try to open OE as normal...

Nite Nite...

  VoG II 23:01 15 Sep 2006

Can you send from Hotmail, accessed through Internet Explorer?

PS bags I do the spanking.

  bluto1 23:27 15 Sep 2006

Can I photograph the "dreadful" deed?

  User-178362 23:47 15 Sep 2006

You amused me. It was starting to get me down. I have deleted the h/m. I am now trying to reset windows live password to MSN I think, thats what it is. When I do not understand I leave it, then go back. I am wondering is this the reason I cannot get H/M to work as it said something about MSN. Didn't know how to put password info into a browser but a friend told me. Not sure if I have done it right. I put it in a little box at the top next to where it says search. A page came up with lots of things but didn't mention reset windows password as this is what I am supposed to be following. You just wouldn't believe how many hours I spend doing things wrong then trying to put them right. I have also lost my word, Spreadsheets etc. not sure what they were as I never used them, it was only when I thought I would past the info to do with password that I noticed they had disappeared. If I live as long as I want to, and want to as long as I live, I will never be able to follow instructions. Now I am going.

  Forum Editor 23:54 15 Sep 2006

on the same subject as one that you already have running -, there's no point, and it's confusing.

I'm going to close your earlier thread, please stick to this one from now on.

  STREETWORK 23:56 15 Sep 2006

Time to get a savvy person around and sort this for you personally (where do you live)? (joking).

Seriously, if you are getting into a pickle get the personal touch as sometimes posting here as you are is getting you knowhere fast...

Do you know how to do a system restore? If you do then restore your PC to when it was working fine and lets all come around for tea and doughnuts to sort this out...

VoG brings the slippers tho'

  User-178362 13:29 16 Sep 2006

Sorry and Thank you. Both suggestions I have been thinking of doing.

  User-178362 15:04 16 Sep 2006

I am going to call this a day and close this thread. I will read my books, maybe I might just might learn something. I will not be back for some time. Yes I am a female STREETWORK. Thanks to everyone.

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