changing or disabling drive letters.

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I was given a hitachi video camera at christmas. It records directly to DVD RAM.
I installed the software on my PC. my computer shows the camera drive when it is connected via USB and the files can be listed. The movie software provided by hitachi displays the message 'drive F is used by another application'.The trouble shooter suggests exioting the other application, but I cannot find what it is.
I loaded the software onto a laptop and had no problems. The video and still pictures were downloaded and I was able to edit.
I have checked with device manager etc. and at one stage I found I could change the drive letter. Which I did to R thinking this is well up the alphabet, shouldn't be anything using it but the same error message came up replacing the F with R.
How do I find out what the problem is.
I know one problem I Have is my brain!!!. I have forgotton how I managed to change the drive letter. Any help here.? This might be two threads. Sorry about the length.

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Further to my query(s).
My PC runs XP home SP2 as does the laptop.
Ext disc drives,printers ext DVD ram drive, camera video and still and flash drives etc. are used on the PC not all at the same time.

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To change the drive letter
click here;en-us;307844&sd=tech

I cant help with your other problem, but at least this will push your query to the top.

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Thanks.........I can now change the drive letters. My original problem is still not solved. I will keep working on it!!!!!!!!

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Hi davida. One down - one to go ;-).

There are some ideas for overcoming the "drive is in use" problem on this site click here

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