Changing operating system

  SWC 17:19 29 Oct 2004

I've just aquired an obsolete pc from work that has Windows NT as the opertaing systme. I want to remove this and load my copy of Windows 95 before upgarding to Windows 98. I haven't got a clue where to start - any suggestions?

  TommyRed 19:36 29 Oct 2004


  LastChip 20:12 29 Oct 2004

As it is an NT machine, the hard drive may be formatted as NTFS - no good for '95 or '98.

PROVIDING you do not want any files already on the drive, make a Win98 Start Up floppy disk and boot the machine from it. When presented with a menu, select a DOS prompt. At the prompt, type;

format C:

That's format, a space, then a C and colon. The whole thing will look like this;

a:\>format C:

Press Enter and when asked whether to proceed select Y [Enter]

BE WARNED. This will destroy ALL information on the hard drive.

Once the drive is formatted, re-boot and this time select "Start with CD ROM Support". Place your selected operating system in the CD drive and at the prompt, type;

setup [enter]

and Windows should start to install.

A word about '98 and your comment about upgrading. If you only have an upgrade CD for '98, it is NOT necessary to load '95 first. You can start loading '98 from the upgrade CD and at some point, the installation process will tell you it cannot find an operating system to validate the upgrade. At that point, you can put the '95 CD in the drive, and the installation program will verify you are entitled to the upgrade disk. This results in a cleaner installation of '98 and is likely to lead to less problems in the future.

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