changing my PSU

  mitey_won 20:18 12 Oct 2004

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to an nvidia 6800 but from reading reviews, it seems that i'll have to upgrade my puny 280w psu to a 350w.
How do I do this? Is it easy? im not very experience with pcs, have replaced a hard drive and various pci cards before, is it harder or easier than this?

  thms 20:23 12 Oct 2004
  Dorsai 20:44 12 Oct 2004

Depends on the PC. Some nasty PC makers use odd sized PSu's, so you have to buy from them.

If it is a standard size, no problem at all. Just get a new one, pay attention to what is plugged in, and no prob.

The only possible problem (a minor one) is that the wires on a new PSu may be too long (so they can be 'universal'). I ended up with a new PSu, workes fine, dont get me wrong, but the cables are sooooo long...coiled up inside the case like there is no tomorrow..and plugs for stuff i dont have...Just took a while to 'coil it all up and tuck it away'.

But a simple fit, just ages to tidy up.

  citadel 21:54 12 Oct 2004

As you are fitting a powerfull graphics card it will pay you to get a top quality psu like an antec or zalman. These give system stability.

  polish 22:22 12 Oct 2004

should be no problem but would go for at least 400 watt as it does improve the system generally as i found earlier this year

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