Changing my NTL IP address?

  SupaDashi 11:38 17 Apr 2006

Ok it seems I have two IP addresses, one is, which is the one which shows up whenever i post in forums and such, and my other is, my question is, how do I change the first? I'm using NTL broadband through my STB and I just wondered how to change them, thank-you

  mgmcc 12:31 17 Apr 2006

The IP address cannot be changed by you because it is acquired by DHCP from the ISP. Although the ISP uses dynamic IP addressing, the chances are that the address won't alter unless you connect a different network adapter to the Cable Modem (Set-top box) or are off-line for long enough for the address you had to be allocated to another user.

It may be that the address in forums was the one at the time you joined or first posted and this has been recorded, whereas the second is the one currently allocated to the PC. You cannot have two WAN (internet) IP addresses in the same PC.

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