Changing from MS Office 2003 pro to MS Office Home and Student 2010

  Damarc 14:30 04 Apr 2013

As my old Office has more stuff on it than Home and Student, should I uninstall the old programme before installing the nwq 2010 Home and Student version or can I retain the benefit of Outlook,Access and Publisher from the old versions if I install Home and Student without uninstalling the old version?

  onthelimit1 14:38 04 Apr 2013

You can run both on the same PC with no problems. Just put the shortcuts you want from each programme on the desktop.

  xania 15:44 05 Apr 2013

Make sure when you install the second version, that it installs into a differnt folder from the existing otherwise some important files may get over-written. This may happen automatically, but double-check to be sure.

  Damarc 15:55 05 Apr 2013

You've got me worried now because when I install anything I just let the wizard get on with it. Will it ask me where I want to put the files and do I need to prepare a folder in advance to put it in?

  wee eddie 16:16 05 Apr 2013

I always click the recommended destination, which is the 'Programs' Folder. It does the rest itself

  lotvic 21:07 05 Apr 2013

xania, what do you mean? can you explain what you've said please.

I do same as wee eddie and then whatever I'm installing makes itself it's own folder inside the Programs Folder.

  xania 21:57 05 Apr 2013

Sometimes, the proposed install location folder is somewhat generic so both versions of office might have the same generated install folder. You can be safer if you ensure that the name of your new install folder ends in 2010.

  lotvic 22:56 05 Apr 2013

xania, well I've read and think if you know step by step instructions it would be helpful if you could advise Damarc

  lotvic 22:58 05 Apr 2013

(sorry hadn't quite finished) because I got a bit confused on the actual process.

  xania 13:20 08 Apr 2013


I need to know what folder you have office installed in. Go to the Start button, then Computer, then select your C:\ drive and go to Program Files then you should find a folder called something like 'Microsoft Office'. I need to know EXACTLY what this folder is called, because when you install your new software it will probably default to this same folder and it is that we will need to change.

  Damarc 18:38 12 Apr 2013

Sorry I haven't responded earlier but I haven't had an email saying there were new answers. Anyway I went ahead and installed. it didn't ask for a specific destination but in the end, under Programmes under startup, all of the MS Office files were there, the old 2003 which had publisher and access still available to me and also the four new 2010. So very pleased it all went well. Thank you for your replies.

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