changing motherboards

  SHED 10:55 14 May 2003

i have a socket 370 p3 800mhz processor with windows 98se running i have a motherboard with only 3pci slots i have found a new board which i would like to get it has 6 pci slots which i need the trouble is some one told me i will have to format the drive for the new board which I DO NOT WANT TO DO as i cannot back my sytem up is this true or not much regards for help if any
cheers Ian

  Pilch.... 10:59 14 May 2003

is the best option really, because the configuration will be different.

One thing is to perhaps back up the files you want onto CD-R/RW format and do that.

But i wouldnt advise not doing a format with a new board install

  SHED 11:02 14 May 2003

is there any way of me getting a new h/d then transferring all of my old h/d to new

  graham√ 12:03 14 May 2003

Of course!

  Paranoid Android 13:57 14 May 2003

Unfortunately this won't help you. By copying an image of your current hard disk to a new hard disk in the new system, this is effectively the same as putting the old hard disk in the new system. Not a good idea.

I have put existing Win98 installations into new motherboards without problems, but this is not the norm. More usually you have problems which begin as slight niggles then become more serious as time goes by.

I suggest you copy your documents folders, data files, music, images and e-mails etc to a separate media, such as a second hard disk. Then do a clean install in your new system, re-install your applications from their CDs etc, then recover your data files, music, images, emails etc from your backup copies.


  ardvarc 17:51 14 May 2003

Make sure the new MoBo will fit into your case. A 3 PCI MoBo could be a Micro board. Does your present board take up the full backing plate or is there plenty room below for the extra PCI slots and length of MoBo.

  SHED 13:02 16 May 2003

how can i back up the hard drive i have nero but it says theres fat 32 is running or files are running in the back ground so i cannot back up is there away around this cheers

  Paranoid Android 13:08 16 May 2003

You only really need to copy your data files, music, pictures, emails etc so none of these should be in use. Don't try to back up Windows or applications in this way, it won't work. You will need to re-install windows and apps from scratch.

Make sure you have all the drivers for your peripherals on a handy CD rom or original install disks.

For such a critical operation, I suggest you set the option to verify the files after copying.


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