changing motherboards

  ahales42 22:10 07 Nov 2003

i`m going to change the present mb is an M810 which, quite frankly, is garbage. i`m going to go for a p4 bios is set up to boot from cd. should i put my xp pro disk in when booting or let it startup and see what happens. noticed some people have probs with changing mb`s.

  powerless 22:13 07 Nov 2003

Backup all that you want.

Perform a fresh install of XP - best way!

or let it startup and see what happens - Sure why not.

  ahales42 22:18 07 Nov 2003

thanks for that. gonna let it start up and see what happens. see how good xp pro actually is.

  [DELETED] 22:24 07 Nov 2003

click here


  spuds 23:28 07 Nov 2003

Not sure about this.I have always understood, that if you change your motherboard, XP could be a problem,to re-install, if it was previously installed via another motherboard set-up.Perhaps someone as further information about this.

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