Changing a motherboard, what will Win XP do?

  jaimie 20:16 09 Jun 2006

I need to replace a motherboard in a machine with XP SP2. Anyone know how windows will react to this and will I and can I reinstall XP if I need to, bearing in mind it is activated and registered.



  Totally-braindead 20:25 09 Jun 2006

It depends if its a full version of XP or an OEM version. If its a full version then there won't be a problem. If its OEM then you might have to contact Microsoft and explain that the board blew up and you had to replace it. I'm not sure what would happen then to be honest as I've never tried it. If you replace the motherboard with exactly the same motherboard then I assume that there would be no problem at all, but I'm not certain of this either as to be honest I've never had to do this either.

I'm sure of the more knowledgeable members who have had this problem will advise you.

  Totally-braindead 20:43 09 Jun 2006

I would post back with details of whether its a full version of XP or an OEM version. I think the others will need that info to advise you.

  MIke 20:49 09 Jun 2006

I did this a while back. I have a full version of XP and all I had to to do was re-activate it via the net, no problem at all. If you don't want to install XP from scratch, you will need to do a repair in order to get rid of obsolete drivers for the old motherboard. There are instructions in MS's knowledgebase on how to do this.

I'll post the link later if I can find it.


  MIke 20:52 09 Jun 2006

click here;en-us;824125

  VoG II 20:54 09 Jun 2006
  MIke 20:54 09 Jun 2006

Try this

click here

  MIke 20:54 09 Jun 2006

Beaten to it!!

  jaimie 21:46 09 Jun 2006

Thanks guys this has answered my question and provided a solution, I have followed the links and am confident now I can do it

Thanks again for this


  De Marcus™ 21:48 09 Jun 2006

Don't forget to back up!

  MIke 22:42 09 Jun 2006

Hope it goes as easily as mine

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