Changing mobo, same chipset-problems?

  dagwoood 19:25 13 Apr 2004

My current motherboard needs replacing(first the onboard dialup modem bit the dust, now the onboard LAN adaptor is dead.) but the model of my mother board is no longer available(it's a pc chips M851).

Now as I understand it, when you change your motherboard it normally requires a clean install of your o/s(I'm on xp pro, gather it's tempremental when changing hardware configurations). But, if my replacement motherboard has the same chipset and specs, would that be ok to just swap the motherboards over and not go to the trouble of wiping my h/d drive and reinstalling everything?

I'd be grateful for any input, dagwoood.

  polish 19:35 13 Apr 2004

have been told by people with more experience than me that you should get away without a reload but might need to contact microsoft for a new code because the motherboard is one of three components that it needs to check on start up the cpu and hd being the others

  dagwoood 20:39 13 Apr 2004

Thanks for that.

I'll leave the thread open for moment to see if anyone else has any further advice, or knows of any other things to consider.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:43 13 Apr 2004

I would say you would be lucky to have it working 100% apart from the chipset there are other things that may conflict no 1 install is the same,although you could get lucky.But its only a 30 min job to reinstall the OS and if i was getting a new board i would wanna start from a clean slate,and you may need to phone M$ if it doesnt activate online.


  Rayuk 20:52 13 Apr 2004

How to change motherboards with out reinstalling here

  dagwoood 20:55 13 Apr 2004

Thank you.

I personally like the idea of a clean install, as you say it's a clean slate to start with, it's just that I have a lot of other utilities/apps. that I've downloaded from the net and so would have to download them all again(I don't have a cdrw to make copies). I was just wandering whether I could get away with not having to download everything all over again.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Gongoozler 20:58 13 Apr 2004

I always thought that changing a motherboard required formatting and reinstallation, but having read that this isn't always necessary, I decided to try without reformatting when I recently changed from an ABIT KT7A to an ASUS A7V8X-X. Both motherboards use VIA chipsets, so the VIA 4-in-1 drivers are the same. Following the advice I had read, I ignored the initial error messages, put the Windows 98se disk in the drive and reinstalled Windows 98se over the old installation. I then installed the motherboard drivers. I had some bother with Norton objecting to the Windows installation trying to write to the boot sector, but other than that (and I suppose I should have disabled Norton first), the installation went remarkably smoothly, and I finished it off by running Regseeker to clear out obsolete registry entries.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:12 13 Apr 2004

Have you 2 hdd? if so copy from one to the other
what you need and then copy back to original.


  dagwoood 21:16 13 Apr 2004

Thanks for the further input guys.

I should have pointed out that I personally wont be changing the mobo as it's only a couple of months old and so is still under warranty. It was just that the guy in the shop said I'd have to have a clean install if he couldn't source the same mobo. I then said would it be possible just to replace the mobo with a mobo with the same chipset and he said it should be possible.

I started the thread to get advice from a source I trust and to make sure I don't get the wool pulled over my eyes as to what is and isn't possible.

Again, thanks everyone.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 21:19 13 Apr 2004

I haven't got a second h/d. I've just the one and it's 10gb at that(I keep telling myself size isn't everything).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Gongoozler 23:16 13 Apr 2004

Hi dagwoood. The lesson from my experience is not to assume the changeover will be trouble-free, but to give it a try. If all goes hopelessly wrong, then as a last resort wipe the disk and start again.

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