Changing Mobo and deactivation

  KPC 20:57 05 Aug 2015

Installed mobo is sata 3 and i have two sata 6 ssds connected to this board. I have clean installed Windows 10 and it is activated but have decided to purchase a new sata 6 board for the ssds and also it has PCI express 3 which will help my Gtx 760 graphics. I am keeping the memory and cpu as well, so the board is the only change. Will this deactivate Windows.

  xania 10:20 06 Aug 2015

When I did a motherboard replacement in Windows 7 last year, I merely plugged in my old HHD and it booted without problems. Took a bit longer the first time as it obviously had to sort out thew changes, but no problem with deactivation. However, given earlier experiences, if it does deactivate, try to reactivate in the normal way and if this fails ring the number if advises and they will talk you through the problem.

  KPC 06:51 07 Aug 2015

Cheers xania, I will try that. Mobo comes today, I will post the result.

  robin_x 08:35 07 Aug 2015

Backup activation first and keep folder and files on another drive.

The old Motherboard's details are sill stored on the MS W10 servers and may require you to speak to a human on the telephone if a pop-up message is displayed with the new motherboard.

Clean re-install and activation of W7 SP1, then Upgrade to W10, may be alternative route to getting the new motherboard details registered.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:56 07 Aug 2015

....... so the board is the only change. Will this deactivate Windows.

Officially, yes. The Windows licence is tied to the motherboard and if this is changed it's deemed to be a different computer. If your Windows licence is the full retail one then you should be able to convince Microsoft to transfer it. If on the other hand it's an OEM licence then it's unlikely.

Good luck.

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