Changing the language of Windows?

  Daibus 18:11 21 Nov 2005

Is it possible to change the language from Spanish into English of the Windows OS that has been preloaded by the manufacturer or is there anyway of changing it without having to purchase a completely new OS?


  Forum Editor 18:20 21 Nov 2005

but only if you have Windows XP Professional, and only if you are one of Microsoft's volume licensing enterprise customers. In those circumstances you can buy what's called a Multingual User Interface (MUI) add-on pack that enables to to make language switches for individual users on a network.

If you are a single licence user you'll have to buy an English version of Windows XP before you can see the menu items, dialogue boxes, help files etc. in English.

  GaT7 18:23 21 Nov 2005
  Daibus 18:43 21 Nov 2005

Thank you FE and Crossbow7 but a question leading on from that - I have the Windows XP Reinstallation CD that came with my Desktop - would it be possible to load this into any second computer that I buy?

I think I know what the answer will be but thought it's worth just asking again.

Many thanks.

  GaT7 19:59 23 Nov 2005

If it's an OEM licence - which most likely it is - then this is illegal.

Even if it's retail, this is illegal, as the licence is meant for only one PC at a time.

So, the only situation it would be legal is if it's retail AND you uninstalled from the 1st PC/Desktop. G

PS - Sorry for the delay in getting back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:48 23 Nov 2005

Regional languages and settings in control panel should allow to change to English US.

Did this on a machine using hebrew (It hard whenyoudon'tspeak /read the language)

  Daibus 09:33 24 Nov 2005

On the machine using Hebrew was the OS XP Home or Professional and was the other criteria the same as FE pointed out in his reply to me?

Thank you Crossbow7 for your reply.

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