Changing ISP, but what about emails?

  spuds 11:32 21 Jan 2012

This question as no doubt been asked many times, so please bear with me!.

Considering changing my long term ISP to another that might be more reliable. The problem that I have, is the email address that I am using, which is registered as a contact point with quite a number of people and companies.

Is there a simple method of retaining the email address, or do I have to contact everyone with a new email address?.

If I use a new email address, would all previous emails stored or in the pipeline become 'extinct'?.

  northumbria61 11:35 21 Jan 2012

Take a look here enter link description here

  northumbria61 11:37 21 Jan 2012

This is probably better info. enter link description here

  KRONOS the First 11:45 21 Jan 2012

What I think northumbria61 is saying is create a web-based email account,Gmail, yahoo, are two that spring to mind and then add your current email address to the account and you will still receive emails to that address. I have not got a clue as to how long for, but its long enough if my experience with my old ISP AOL is concerned, and you can of course let people know your new address and most companies have a simple process for changing your contact email.

  northumbria61 11:55 21 Jan 2012

Thanks Chronus that's exactly what I was trying to say.

Spuds - I haven't changed ISP for a few years now but you will continue to receive emails - ie.your OLD ISP won't suddenly cut off your supply! You will have plenty of time to make your changes.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:57 21 Jan 2012

Spuds, if you cancel your TalkTalk broadband, you'll lose your TalkTalk e-mail address. When that happens, e-mails sent to your old address will be returned to the sender with a message of "unknown user".

It's worth mentioning that if your Internet problems are due to the phone wiring in your home, or the line to your premises from the exchange, then you'll still have the same problems with your new ISP.

You may of course be thinking about Virgin's fibre-optic service which is fibre-to-the-cabinet and coax cable into the premises. If you are then that should resolve your any connection issues that are caused by the line coming into your home but it is a relatively expensive option.

What are your connection problems exactly? What have BT and TalkTalk said the problem is?

  Ian in Northampton 12:09 21 Jan 2012

I changed from Orange to Plusnet. Orange kept my (all the way back to Freeserve, and before that to Wanadoo...) email address, and I could/can access it via the web mail interface. I've had to 'renew' it a few times, but that's no big deal. Progressively, over time, as emails came in to my email address, I was able to advise senders of my new email address - to the point where, now, all that shows up in my inbox is spam (or from companies I've long since stopped dealing with). I still check it every week, just to make sure, and have very occasionally found an email from someone who slipped through the net. I guess what I'm saying is, it was a painless transition for me. Oh, and: at the same time, I set up a gmail account, ensuring that I was never 100% reliant on an ISP again.

  spuds 13:10 21 Jan 2012

Thanks everyone for the fast responses, all very much appreciated and welcomed. I have to go out now, so I will look into the links and suggestions in more detail later, and possibly go from there.

Secret-Squirrel. TalkTalk and BT were very heavily involved with changing components and doing monitoring checks in conjunction with myself, over a period of months. While things improved from a poor 'perhaps possible' 1Mb to 5Mb on a 8/10Mb package, BT and TalkTalk have stated that there is still a 'bug' in the system, which they are finding very hard to isolate. My present grumble, is the fact that I have (once again, its happened a number of times before) had no webmail for three days due to "a server problem" (one hour with TT support trying to get this information?), and now that I have webmail again (?), it still isn't right. On Monday hopefully, I will be talking to 'TT higher level management' about this matter, and others beside. So it might be crunch time, if no resolutions are found?.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:47 21 Jan 2012

"While things improved from a poor 'perhaps possible' 1Mb to 5Mb on a 8/10Mb package"

Don't forget that you're on an up to 8/10Mb package so 5Mbps is actually quite good and a lot faster than the national average. Very few people ever get the maximum advertised download speed.

"My present grumble, is the fact that I have (once again, its happened a number of times before) had no webmail for three days due to "a server problem"........."

A lot of frustrated Tiscali/TalkTalk customers use Mail2Web when TT webmail's playing up. They seem to find it works well so that's something you could try the next time there's a problem.

  sunnystaines 14:02 21 Jan 2012

spuds this might be a good time to use gmail or similar thats what i did got fed up with all the hassel each time i changed isp. no longer use isp emails.

  wiz-king 16:18 21 Jan 2012

You could always buy a domain and use it's email facility, that way you are not tied to an ISP. When UKonline vanished I found myself having to re-register with a whole load of companies - some I never bothered with as I cant see me needing them again anyway.

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