Changing ISP. Can I retain existing router ?

  popgeoff 15:00 08 Apr 2010

ABout to change from Aol to BT broadband. I know that BT will supply theirrouter but just wondering if I can just continue using my existing Thompson Speedtouch Router. This would save me having to change security passwords on all my wirelessly connected gear not to mention sons and granddaughter's laptops and Blackberies when they visit.
Grateful as usual for any info.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 08 Apr 2010

As long as the router is not locked to AOL then shouldn't be a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 08 Apr 2010

The other way is to give the BT router the same name and security key as the speed touch router

  Fingees 17:15 08 Apr 2010

I recommend the BT hhome hub that they supply.
It connects straight to bt, and after your initial set up you will connect easily whenever you open your browser.

It is also useful if you ever want to use their bt vision.

All the best.

  Diemmess 18:00 08 Apr 2010

I understand your problem, but having changed from AOL to BT 14 months ago I had virtually no bother whatsoever with the new BT "Hub"

You will probably be challenged with every one of the old passwords if only because your screen name will change.

With my very limited experience, there must be a way to do as you suggest, but IMO not worth the hassle.

There is a bonus if AOL treat you as they have me, The old software can be left on the computer allowing access to all the old email addresses.

Also, emails will still arrive in the Private Filing Cabinet as they always did, though they will only be Spam or those who didn't know you'd changed.

You can still browse the net from AOL

You wont be able to email from AOL any more and only the original Master name is accepted to sign on.
I haven't found an easy way to transfer the address book. I had to copy individual addresses.

  popgeoff 18:12 08 Apr 2010

Thanks for the info. Looks as if I shouldn't have too many problems next Monday !! Thanks

  wjrt 18:14 08 Apr 2010

had a netgear DG834G router which for some time worked away with BT total broadband then had problems and after spending some hours with BT techies thay asked which router and their response was to use the bt supplied homehub and this has worked for quite some time with no problem also if you have option 3 you also get an extra phoneline as a bonus

  Toneman 18:20 08 Apr 2010

Won't AOL want their router back, or charge you for it?

  Diemmess 19:26 08 Apr 2010

AOL like BT recover the cost in the first contract

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