Changing isp

  ened 07:28 03 Feb 2006

Maybe I'm missing something but I have been all over the Tiscali site and can find no way of joining them for BroadBand without first cancelling my existing isp, who is being unco-operative.

The web site for Tiscali keeps saying they will not accept me until I cancel my existing isp but I am trying to ensure a smooth transition.

I assume others have been in this situation .

How can it be resolved?

PS trying the 'contact us' option on the Tiscali site is a great source of frustration.

  ened 09:45 03 Feb 2006

djbenny It is the same problem.

I am currently with Freeserve and they are ignoring all my requests for a migration code.

This morning I have mailed them and given them until Monday or I will be cancelling payments.

But it comes back to my original problem which is: I need a smooth transition. I don't mind being without a connection for a couple of hours but days would seriously inconvenience me.

Incidentally when my father signed up for the 2mb upgrade with Freeserve his connection immediately went down and stayed down for three weeks. They promised him credit which never materialised.

When I and several others have mentioned this to them in emails they are simply ignored.

  anskyber 09:57 03 Feb 2006

Basically thats right. You need to get a MAC number from your current ISP assuming its BB and then transfer.

  ened 17:18 03 Feb 2006

Okay: for the benefit of anybody else in this situation I have discovered the best way of doing this.

Contact your existing ISP for a migration code, which I believe they have to provide.

Give that code to your new ISP and it is as simple as that.

Except in my case Freeserve won't communicate with me to provide the code and I am reluctant to wait on hold on their National Rate Number.

There is another way if you don't mind some downtime:
Cancel with your existing ISP, wait until they disconnect you then apply to the new one.

I am closing this thread with the comment that I have been with Freeserve since 1997 and the service is generally acceptable.


They are a law unto themselves and I sincerely believe they really don't give a toss for the individual. I know several people who have voted with their feet and if enough people do that it might make them realise they need to start giving the customer's needs more priority.

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