rosie12 16:02 10 Feb 2006

Hi,how can I change my IP address, I am running xp home with wanadoo broadband, I was told to turn the modem on and off and this would do it but it hasn't...Any help would be appreciated...Thanks

  Skyver 16:05 10 Feb 2006

Your IP address is assigned to you by Wanadoo. If you're running XP, start menu/run, type "ipconfig /release" , then start menu/run type "ipconfig /renew"

  Skyver 16:05 10 Feb 2006

Minus the quotes

  rosie12 16:13 10 Feb 2006

OK, I will give this a go, this wont mess my connection up will it?

  Skyver 16:15 10 Feb 2006

It will drop the connection for few seconds while your modem negiotiates an IP address from the Wanadoo servers, that's all.

  Skyver 16:16 10 Feb 2006


  rosie12 16:24 10 Feb 2006

Hi, I have just done this and the IP address is the same !!! could I have done something wrong, it did tuen off and then on again, should I have given it a min. or so instead of just doing it one after the other?

  dms05 16:31 10 Feb 2006

Perhaps the IP address is correct. Why do you want to change it?

  Skyver 16:32 10 Feb 2006

No it doesn't always change, it depends on the ISP. They issue a `lease` on the IP address, sometimes 24 hours, sometimes 7 days. You may be stuck with what you have, the only other thing to try is turn off the modem when you switch off the PC, when it next connects it will have to ask for a new IP address.

  ade.h 16:32 10 Feb 2006

Many ADSL IPs are fixed; mine is, for example. I think you should check the fine details of your Wanadoo service to find out whether it is fixed or dynamic.

BTW; why do you want to change it?

  Thalmus 16:36 10 Feb 2006

are you using a router?

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