Changing IP Address

  mattyc_92 16:35 20 Jan 2005

Hi, my Norton Internet Security keeps on saying that some-one has tried to "hack" into my computer, but Norton has provented it...

This makes me think about IF (probably wont but still) Norton fails, then what...

I haven't got ANY Spyware, Adware, virus, etc... I have checked using Internet Security, Micorosft Anti-Spy program, CCleaner, Ad-Aware Professional (the paid version) and Spybot S&D... I have even formatted my system..

This "attempt to hack into my system" has been happening for around 5 months now, but been that I haven't got any viruses, adware or spyware on my system, I have thought that some-one has discovered my IP address... I have changed it before, but can't remember how I done it... I know that there is ways to do this for free so can anyone recommend a program, guide of somesort or website for this...

Please Help!!!! Thanks in advance

  buscrew 16:40 20 Jan 2005

It's just Norton doing it's job. Most of these warnings are not really attempts at a hack. Much has been said in the past about these warnings, generally the advice is to turn off warning alerts and let Norton get on with it in the background

  Chezdez 16:40 20 Jan 2005

what connection and ISP do you have?

most broadband providers use a dynamic IP address system, which mean that your IP changes each time you log on to the network.

i don't think that will be specifically hacking your computer, assuming your on a home PC? theres no point in them doing so

its probably just someone scanning a IP range, and norton is picking up that your port is being scanned, nothing to worry about really, just keep norton updated!

  mattyc_92 16:42 20 Jan 2005

I am using AOL Broadband and it IS for home use

  mattyc_92 16:43 20 Jan 2005

So I should just ignore these "attemps" then?

  ACOLYTE 16:44 20 Jan 2005

Its probably AOL, BT does it on mine must be trying to see if you are online or somthing.I just ignore it.

  mattyc_92 16:46 20 Jan 2005

Ok... Thanks all for your time!!

  Chezdez 16:46 20 Jan 2005

yeah, just ignore them, no harm done!

  buscrew 16:48 20 Jan 2005

Yes ignore them, it;s just Norton;s way of letting you know you are getting what you paid for, or justifying the cost. Next time you get one there will be a check box for "Do not create a warning for this type of event in the future" or something similar, just tick it and you won't be bothered by it again.

  mattyc_92 16:50 20 Jan 2005

Thanks.. I can now call of the "heart doctors"

  spikeychris 16:52 20 Jan 2005

ipconfig /release would drop your IP but AOL would just assign you the same one back when you used ipconfig /renew.

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