Changing the HDD on a brand new W10 laptop for SSD

  dms_05 15:13 02 Aug 2018

I've a new Dell Inspiron 13 with W10. It's unused and would I be better changing the HDD to SSD before I ever run the laptop or will I need to activate W10 before I swap drives. Also what's the best (free) software to move W10 from the HDD to the new SSD. Or any alternate suggestions?

  dms_05 08:29 03 Aug 2018

Thanks Archie44!

  rdave13 18:02 03 Aug 2018

First step is to make sure you can open the Dell Inspiron 13 to get at the HDD. If you can't then it's a dead duck. You'll have to run Dell's setup on the original drive to tie your Windows 10 version to the computer and your Microsoft account. Then going through the updates including the latest version of 10. Once settled you should connect the new SSD to it via a caddy. Possibly Disk management will 'see' it as an unallocated disk and you might be able to check if the disk is MBR or GPT. If MBR then Windows can convert to GPT. If already GPT then you're good to go to 'clone' the Inspiron's disk to the new SSD connected via USB. I suggest Aomei backupper free. link . Suggest you read the help as it will clone and set partitions to the same percentages from different sized drives. Then swap drives.

Make sure you can open the laptop before even thinking of buying an SSD.

Good luck.

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