Changing HD serial number

  Siberian Winter 06:51 15 Feb 2004

Hi. I'm running a dual-boot system with XP Pro on C: (30GB) and W98 on D: (80GB). I'm awaiting delivery of a 120GB drive that I'd like to use to replace the 30GB C: drive. There was a utility on the CD in an issue of PC Advisor that allowed you to change the serial number of a new drive to the same as the old one to avoid problems with XP. If anyone can help me with the issue/disk that featured it, or anywhere I can download it, I'd be grateful. A Google search turned up nothing useful. Thanks

  powerless 06:53 15 Feb 2004

Don't worry about it.

XP won't mind about a HDD change.

  Siberian Winter 07:16 15 Feb 2004

I had read that XP will have problems with Product Activation, or something. Thanks for your advice :-)

  DieSse 08:43 15 Feb 2004

Even if XP wanted a new Activation (which as Powerless says, it almost certainly won't) - then this isn't a problem - you just let it do the activation. At the very worst you might have to make a simple phone call.

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