Changing Hard drive problem

  Sailorbuoy 17:34 28 Jul 2006

My laptop (P-Bell/NEC, 700MHz AMD,Millenium98 OS ) bit the dust so I recovered the 10 Gbt hard drive and have tried to reinstall it on an older Compaq laptop(266 AMD K6).
It seemed to sort out the new hardware,reads the HDD ok, but not the CD rom drive,it does not spin up and hence will not access data. It is in working condition and recognised by the bios. I am not certain what drivers are necessary and deleting duplicates and incorrect ones is a problem, Primary IDE, Secondary IDE, PCI IDE ?? I have the original Me OS CD, but not the one for the old Compaq, how could I proceed to sort this out, should I reinstall Me from scratch (floppy boot) or just overlay the existing. Any ideas would be appreciated

  Strawballs 17:45 28 Jul 2006

If you have the motherboard drivers for the old machine download this click here and go to tools > reset hardware configureation which will remove all of the hardware drivers then reinstall the drivers for the old machine.

  Sailorbuoy 18:15 28 Jul 2006

Tnx 'Strawballs' I don't have the Compaq originals but using your suggestion I may be able to delete the drivers (shared IDE with the Hdd I think) and the try and select from those available in Me.

  Strawballs 21:46 28 Jul 2006

If you download and run click here it will tell you what MB you have so you should be able to download drivers needed from the manufacture's web site.

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