changing the hard drive on an acer 507T laptop

  POP 19:35 17 Dec 2004

Can anyone tell me how or point me too a site that can advise me how too replace the hard drive on an Acer 507T laptop.

  TomJerry 19:38 17 Dec 2004

all laptop use standard 2.5" hard disk, change itself is easy, just buy oe and do it your self

you can find 2.5" HDD from any good web store such as,,

  DrScott 20:07 17 Dec 2004

The Acer website is usually pretty useful and telling you about this sort of stuff! As well as for downloading updates. I own a laptop from them too...

  POP 22:21 17 Dec 2004

Tom&Jerry & Dr Scott, Thanks for your interest but I am unable to get any help from acer. The only document that I can find will not download to my dial up. I have tried to get my laptop apart but it would not open even though I am sure that I have all the screws out. I have built my last three comps, myself and feel quite able to change the drive if only I can get to it.

  jack 22:36 17 Dec 2004

Tpp many imponerables to be spacific but have you taken the battery out?
The drives sometimes lurkes under there.
cenrtaily thare are screws inside like under battery or other removable covers aprt from thos under the feet. Its all done to trick you.

  POP 15:59 18 Dec 2004

Thanks Jack but no room above or below batt, and am still unable to get the case apart

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