Changing Fan on Graphics Card

  ulrich 20:54 05 Nov 2005

I wish to put an Artic Cooling Fan on my Logitech FX5900 XT Graphics card. but the original fan seems to be glued more than thermal paste any suggestions please on how to remove original.

  GaT7 22:09 05 Nov 2005

You'll need to release the 'clips' from the back of the card that hold the cooling fan in place.

This guide with pics click here is for installing an Arctic cooler for a different graphics card, but the basic process should be the same. G

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:13 05 Nov 2005

Probably best not to try as there is a very high risk you will ruin your card. However, if you really want to, try using a very thin blade to get betwen the heatsink and the gpu and cut/prise VERY carefully.

  Belatucadrus 22:15 05 Nov 2005

I had the same problem with an old Voodoo card, while it can be done it's fiddly and also has a risk of damaging the card. It sounds bizarre but this can work, though it isn't easy and you need to be very careful:-

Put the card in a plastic bag and seal it.

Put the card in the freezer and leave it for about 15 mins, this should denature the glue and make it brittle.

Very carefully pry the fan off the card, use as broad a tool as possible to spread the load and try to keep away from the circuits on the board.

Then you will probably need to clean some crud off the chip, try some solvents like white spirit or isopropyl alcohol. If you can't find a solvent that works you may have to resort to scraping it off and this can damage the chip so again be careful.

  ulrich 09:44 06 Nov 2005

I do have a bad feeling, that does seem the way, I will give it a go. I did do the clips, I am willing to have a go with the blade as I think this is the way, I will click resolved but report back, hopefully, on how I get on.
Thanks for your answers.

  ulrich 11:43 06 Nov 2005

Thanks for all your help. Used the screwdriver method. Then found the plug was a different size, so had to do more mods.

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