Changing to Ethernet instead of USB?

  Winxx 15:45 26 Jun 2007

Hi, i have a problem with my NTL broadband modem, i am running off of a USB cable to the PC, i would like to change to use an ethernet cable instead of the USB, yet when i try to do this i get no connection. why is this?

  The Kestrel 15:51 26 Jun 2007

Is the modem supplied designed to run both from USB and/or ethernet. You may find that you will need to but a suitable modem or router which will operate with your NTL system.

  The Kestrel 15:52 26 Jun 2007

Sorry!!! It should say 'need to buy' not 'need to but'.

  Winxx 15:53 26 Jun 2007

right i see, well obviously my NTL modem isnt suitable for it, but my new Netgear router, will that work if i run the ethernet cable through that and take out the USB cable?

  Andsome 16:00 26 Jun 2007

My NTL modem came with both an Ethernet and USB cable. I use the Ethernet cable.

  Winxx 16:09 26 Jun 2007

Andsome, thats strange because the internet will not work when i use an ethernet cable... ?

you have the thick screw lead
the ethernet cable
and the AC plugged in yes?

  IntoPCs 16:14 26 Jun 2007

Try going to Internet Options on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer, click the connections tab, click LAN Settings and then put a tick in Automatically detect settings - OK twice.
USB connections create some kind of bridge connection and your IE may still be looking for it.

  Winxx 16:24 26 Jun 2007

did what you said, it has already been ticked..

  IntoPCs 16:40 26 Jun 2007
  keef66 16:46 26 Jun 2007

I had usb connection with my NTL modem initially cos my pc lacked a network connection. Then I got a network card for the pc, swapped to the ethernet cable and it picked it up automatically. I don't remember having to do anything.

I recall that in spite of the simplicity of the operation there were instructions on the NTL website

  keef66 16:49 26 Jun 2007

Swapping USB to ethernet and vice-versa
Unless you are able to lease more than one IP address from your ISP, you cannot use both the ethernet and the USB port simultaneously, as you are still limited to one network device per cable modem: this restriction definitely applies to both ntl:world and blueyonder.

If you switch between using the ethernet and the USB sockets or vice versa, you must power cycle the cable modem: this is the same problem as described in Swapping computers on the cable modem.

A typical procedure for swapping from USB to ethernet would therefore be as follows:

Shut down the operating system, and power off the PC.
Power off the cable modem.
Unplug USB cable from both cable modem and PC.
Connect cable modem's ethernet port to PC's ethernet port (usually with a straight-through ethernet cable).
Power on cable modem, wait for it to finish booting, with all LEDs in normal condition.
Power on PC.
The default network settings arising from a new installation of an ethernet card will usually work.

No cable modem drivers are required for ethernet connections, but the ethernet card might require a driver installation if the operating system does not automatically recognise it.

Do not re-run any broadband installation software provided by your ISP. There is no need to re-register your cable modem account. However, for those ISPs which require the MAC address of the user's PC to be registered, this will be a necessary step, as the PC's MAC address will have changed.

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