Changing to Ethernet

  Diggory 12:28 23 Mar 2008

Guys – this maybe a numpty question but here goes
Should say also that I am not IT uber-boffin - can get by thanks to great forums like this

Feel I should call this thread "Changing to Ethernet - computer says no " :-)

Want to set up future network so figured first step is to connect my ADSL router [BT Voyager 210] via Ethernet connection. Router currently works fine on USB so thought would be simple case of switching connection and hooking up RJ45 cable to on-board LAN [MSI mobo 865pe ne02]. Needless to say this did not work - but you probably knew I was going to say that.

Reconnected via USB and works fine, tested CMD IPCONFIG – could see my IP address. Tried this when hooked up via Eithernet/on-board lan and nothing returns on the prompt.

Have checked "Services & Applications", "DHCP Client" is set for Automatic. Have checked the BT voyager help page for internet connect options – think I have got these set correctly.

Have never used the on-board LAN so wondering if I have to configure anything or load drivers – had hoped was a kind of plug-n-play. Am running XP pro / sp2 and Norton security

Grateful of any advice


  Diggory 15:52 23 Mar 2008

Done a bit more investigating.......
If I go to computer management & Ethernet controller the device status is:

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver."

Is this the problem ?

Is the missing driver a native XP driver ?

Thanks D:-)

  ambra4 15:54 23 Mar 2008

Take a read on how to set up the LAN card and network on your desktop

click here

  ambra4 15:55 23 Mar 2008

Yes you have to install the driver before you can

configure the Lan card

  Diggory 16:53 23 Mar 2008

Dear Ambra4 - the post on set up looks excellent & will use this when I have a driver loaded.

Okay - sounds like I first need a driver
Is this native Win XP - or where / what do I load

Thanks D:-)

  brundle 17:39 23 Mar 2008

Didn't it come with a driver CD?
click here

  Diggory 18:27 23 Mar 2008

Brundle - thanks

Mobo came with a number of discs - most of it bundled nif-naff. Have still got handbook and all discs but not found such driver anywhere. Thanks for link; I have book marked this [v useful].

The link gives me two types of MSI ethernet drivers for xp:

- Intel Gigabit Ethernet Drivers
- Intel 10/100 Ethernet Drivers

Have checked manual, it talks about connecting a network cable to "either LAN jack" - but I can see only one. The mobo box clearly calls it a GbLAN. The barcode is for 865pe neo2 FIS2R and in the small print for spec it includes "GbE".

Truth is I do not know the difference
Which driver would you recommend

Many thanks D:-)

  brundle 18:39 23 Mar 2008

If you have FIS2R get both (just in case) and install the Gigabit drivers.

  Diggory 18:57 23 Mar 2008

Brundle - thanks again; will do as you recommend
I am assuming then that the GbE is faster / improved format

Being a cautious type, will the drivers on MSI site assume that all other updates have been loaded. Just that I normally work on the "if it is not broke" principle so have never udated or flashed BIOS or used the MSI live update utility.


  brundle 19:36 23 Mar 2008

It ought to work if you have no other problems - if you have sound for example you already have some drivers installed. A system restore point will be set by Windows upon installing new drivers anyway.

  Diggory 21:56 23 Mar 2008

brundle - thanks for your help & advice
will post back to forum how i get on

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