Changing E-mail address on this site

  Fordy 13:12 17 Nov 2005

When I enter a new E mail address and click 'update details' it refuses to accept it stating "this nickname is already being used".
I am not trying to change identities just address. What is the secret ploy?

  plsndrs3 13:35 17 Nov 2005

I have done this many times without issue. Just changed my email address & updated without any issues at all ....

Are you over typing your user name? I never did.

  Fordy 14:04 17 Nov 2005

I am highlighting the existing e-mail address and inserting new one and then clicking 'update details'
What more must I do?
If I click update before I start it still says "nickname being used"

  plsndrs3 14:29 17 Nov 2005

Well, that's what i do. Have you clicked on 'Contact Moderator' button as FE can see this in realtime & help that way?

  Fordy 16:35 17 Nov 2005

I have left two messages for the moderator - I wonder if he is sending me E-mails! Thanks

  sinbad1 16:51 17 Nov 2005

maybe you need another nickname for it to work as your nickname still exists

  Fordy 11:03 18 Nov 2005

sinbad1 -- are you saying that to change my email address I also have to change names>

I am sending another message to the moderator - fingers crossed for third time lucky.

  sinbad1 14:48 18 Nov 2005

yes if i create a new account then choose fordy it will tell me the name is allready in use and to choose another one.I presume it will be linked to your old email ad.You would need to cancel your old account and submit a new account with different email ad. How you do this i,m not sure

  Fordy 19:27 18 Nov 2005

I am not trying to create a new account -- just trying update my e-mail address as the existing address is no longer active.
No response from third message to moderator. When I put 'moderator' in search I see the link is pretty dodgey as others have had no replies either, so this time I'll send an e.mail to [email protected]

  driving man 19:31 18 Nov 2005

could you create a new account with a new nickname then change Nickname to your old one

  octal 19:45 18 Nov 2005

That's strange, I have just changed my email address. I was sent a re-activation email to the new address where I had to click on the activation link, this bought me back to the site where I had to enter my password and click on the confirm button. It was no problem at all, so I don't know why you are having these problems.

Have you tried clearing out your browser cache and try again?

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