Changing e-mail address

  heavymetalkid 23:25 16 Jul 2005

Because, in good faith i've give out my e-mail address to someone who requested it,now I'm being bombarded with spam e-mails offering me Viagra etc. from scumbags somewhere out there.
At the end of my tether and after trying to block the crap on Outlook Express,I've decided to change my e-mail address.
Gone on to the Wanadoo website and it seems fairly straightforward . However can anyone tell me when I change to a new address, what happens to my old one?
Is it automatically cancelled and dead, or does it still exist somewhere?

  Taff36 00:19 17 Jul 2005

I take it your current e-mail address is with Wanadoo. If so have you tried this click here Several companies use this type of Junk Folder and the BT Yahoo one seems to work well.

The problem with changing your e-mail address is informing everyone that you have done so and you will still need to check it for legitimate mail for months to come.

Unfortunately for me my ISP (Breathemail) doesn`t have such a facility at the moment so I have used Mailwasher click here a free version. (At the moment) This programme, rather like web mail, interrogates and allows you to preview your mail on your ISP`s server before you download it to OE. You can delete the obvious spam, blacklist the sources and bounce (not recommended because it may confrm an e-mail address as valid) with the click of a mouse.

  bretsky 00:30 17 Jul 2005

I'm with W/doo and I use their web mail spam filters, so all the spam tagged mail ends up in the spam box and is deleted by W/doo after 7 days instead of being downloaded into my OE via mailwasher.

Downside of this is that sometimes legit mail gets tagged as spam, so I now have to check W/doo web mail as well as OE.

bretsky ;0)

  Gandalph 02:08 17 Jul 2005

It doesn't really matter how often you change your email address, the spammers will eventually catch up with you and they will start to flood in yet again.

  heavymetalkid 23:21 17 Jul 2005

Thanks Taff 36, Bretsky and Gandalph for your postings. I'll try the Wanadoo washer. God, what a depressing, sick world we inhabit sometimes.
Thanks Gents

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