Changing date of file creation.

  compumac 20:52 25 Nov 2015

I have today transferred a number of videos from my smartphone to my tablet and in so doing the copied files all reflect the current date as opposed to the original creation date. This means that they do not therefore appear in date order for the purpose of viewing in date order.

I can change the file names alphabetically but that does not help as the tablet only allows display in date order.

It is many years since I changed the date attribute and cannot for the life of me remember the method.

Mine are the original grey cells.


  csqwared 20:59 25 Nov 2015

Does this help?

change details

  compumac 21:18 25 Nov 2015


Thanks for that but does not really help.

It makes me realise just how many, many years ago that I used to do this. It would appear that there are programmes around that can do the job for you - I might look into those.

  robin_x 22:17 25 Nov 2015

Attribute Changer

Install Unchecky and get ADW Cleaner first in case of Junkware, as before installing any 3rd Party app

  robin_x 22:20 25 Nov 2015


Make a System Restore point

click here

  compumac 08:27 26 Nov 2015

robin x

Thanks for advice, but I have been around a very long time.

  robin_x 15:41 26 Nov 2015

Sorry, didn't mean to teach you to suck eggs.

  compumac 18:35 26 Nov 2015

robin x

No need for apologies at all.

Somehow when the words are written and then read, as opposed to being spoken and heard, the manner of expression comes across differently.

When I replied I did think that it might be taken differently.

Please accept MY apologies.

  southhead 18:57 26 Nov 2015

I'm not sure this is exactly what you need, but maybe worth a look.

I used a program called Exifer for many years to alter the time of photos taken with one of my digital cameras (the camera's screen wasn't working so I couldn't see to alter the time). I haven't used the program for a long time, but still have it installed, and note that you can alter the 'Date taken' and 'Date modified', in addition to the time.

  southhead 19:12 26 Nov 2015


Sorry, I should have read your post more closely. I now see you are trying to alter dates on video files, not photos. I don't think Exifer works on video....

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